Main Panel on a 4' x 2' adjustable height table, instead of on lower case, to save space??

Hi I am building my photobooth with a 35" x 16" x 24" main panel that will house an ELO 19" widescreen touchscreen, Core 2 duo SFF computer, Nikon Camera and a 180 watt second flash. I want this compact main panel to rest on an adjustable height table instead of the lower case to save on weight, and it will make the height of the lens go up by one foot to do a stand up booth by adjusting the height of the table (standing booth). I also intend to use nylon strapping to hold the main panel onto the 4' x 2" table making it more stable than with a smaller lower case. Has anyone done this? I also plan to put the Hiti printer and the 24" outside monitor on this table as well. If a reception hall were to have a larger table available, I can just use their table and skip my adjustable table all together. I assume that since i may be providing a table I will have to get a matching skirt for the table I provide. Does anyone have experience doing this. This would seem to me to be more stable than just being stacked on top of a slightly larger case and strapping it down adds to the stability when pushing backward. I want to be sure a person who is drunk and hitting my ELO touchscreen doesn't knock the whole tower over. I hope I can get other's thoughts on this??


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  • texasphotobox
    Sounds like a good way to change the height of the camera. Let me know how it turns out. I am building a top main panel supported by screw in legs. After reading this I am going to make a separate set of legs that are shorter so it can be used as a sit down version as well. May even make a third set for mid level for kids events.
  • Bobuschka
    HI, I am going to use the reception hall's actual tables for a sit down booth. for situations where people want a stand up booth or a table is unavailable I will use a 4' by 2' adjustable height table. I feel strapping the upper panel to the table it will make it more stable than having a similar sized lower case. The table is available at costco for only $36 here is the table listed online but the online price is $42 here is the costco table link|6210|71471&N=4027769%205000101&Mo=0&No=0&Nr=P_CatalogName:BD_115&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&topnav=bdoffI just hope someone does not try to move the table with the panel strapped on top. I will get this built this month and let you know how it goes.
  • scottishmovies
    I was just wanting to ask you if you're charging customers for this? I supose the market in the UK is differnet but I could imagine the bride, groom and all the guests here going nuts if I had a box strapped to one of the hotel tables - and struggle to think of a solution if they didn;t give me a table, what then?
    Or am I missing somethign? I'm certainly not out to offend anyone but if that's what it is then I find it amazing that people will pay for that kind of service....
  • Bobuschka
    I was just wanting to ask you if you're charging customers for this? I supose the market in the UK is differnet but I could imagine the bride, groom and all the guests here going nuts if I had a box strapped to one of the hotel tables - and struggle to think of a solution if they didn;t give me a table, what then?
    Or am I missing somethign? I'm certainly not out to offend anyone but if that's what it is then I find it amazing that people will pay for that kind of service....

    I will be charging customers for this, the strap is 1 inch wide and is the same color as the skirt and the panel and is the same width as the table. I may not use the strap haven't decided. the only thing different is I won't have a lower case. That is the only difference period, I don't understand that since i don't have a lower panel that now you think my services will be FREE? As already stated in this thread ( please read the whole thread) I will bring my own table and skirt if the venue does not have the right table for me. It will be an adjustable height table as stated in the discussion. When done, my rig will look no different than other systems on this site. I am not strapping a "box", it is a professionally made panel with a 19" wide screen touchscreen and state of the art computer system inside. Yes you are missing something... Manners
  • scottishmovies
    No offence was intended Bobuschka, I was pointing out that if ANYONE in the UK market, and I'm sure there are many, were to offer this they wouldn't get many bookings. Depsite the high end equipment! And as for free, well there are many owners on here who do it for free because they are building a booth for a family event and I wasn't aware if this was for that or a business. You did mention strapping the panel to a table and I tried to picture what you intended - perhaps I pictured it wrong....apologies for that.
  • photo_ells
    OK I think the main difference is here in the UK we don't have many (if at all any) booths in the rental industry that are like the way you are describing with one case ontop of another or using venue tables or their own to place the box on.

    We don't really have tower booths made from flightcases. The majority of booths over here are enclosed booths.

    For us guys in the UK we wouldn't be able to even think about taking some of the booths that you guys have in the US including flightcase towers to an event as its not what the UK market is used to or expects from a photobooth. No offence meant on my behalf either, its just what the public here expect and pay for.

    I think the way you described it may have something to do with the points scottish was making as "strapping onto the table" does conjure up images of cases being strapped to a roof rack with ratchet straps etc personally i have to agree with scottish that it doesn't sound too professional from your original description. Perhaps you could have worded it better orignally as Im sure myself and him arent the only ones thinking "straps on table at an event?" Are the straps going over the top of the box and down to the table or are they being connected to the bottom of the case to the table? As one way would look better than the other.

    Dont think scottish meant any harm in what he was saying as it is a different kettle of fish as to what the US market clients would pay for at an event as to what the UK market would pay for or be happy with. Plus bear in mind that like he said there are many DIYers on here too building something for themselves and friends as a hobby so he was just clarifing that too.

    In terms of your build why is the case so big if there is no printer etc built in? If you were to make the case smaller there are nicer looking soultions that are also less bulky and stable. If the box was smaller you could use a weighed base stand with metal poles, that way you could have different sizes poles for the different heights. Something like a unicol vs1000 stand would work, i have just built a new product and used one to hold a box with the gubbings inside ontop of the stand. As long as the box isn't too heavy it will be fine. Of course this is more expensive than a table but if you are going to the effort and expense of using a great screen like the elo i would go the extra mile and make a truly great looking product that doesn't rely on something anyone could buy at costcos.

    Also when describing booth design ideas i think it would help if you had a mock up of the booth to show us what you are visulising and get feedback from there, i personally use skecthup for all my design mock ups that way i can visualise in 3D what it will look like and how i can save weight and space.
  • photo_ells
    Here's a quick 20 mins skecthup I did to explain better what I mean about the stand and poles. measurements are a bit smaller than yours but could go smaller as the screen size i have on file is a 22" (elo2243) not 19", I couldn't be bothered to resize it for this example :)
    not sure what you had in mind for the actual box but I'm sure you'll agree overall would look a lot better and more professional than placing it on a costco table even with a skirt. Plus stand and poles take up no room in car. In this game the overall look of the booth has a big part to play in getting extra bookings which is why so many tweak their design after having one for a while. If you want to get any corporate or high end work then the look is everything and a table wouldn't cut it in that game (look at how polite in public quickly changed their original set up to the sleek set up they have now)!
    Hope that helps
  • Mike
    Thanks @photo_ells very insightful.
    @Bobuschka I don't believe any insult was meant just that this would not be a recommended approach, especially in the European market. Not sure exactly where your market is.
    I have pulled down the BS posts earlier in this thread. Please respect one another and realize that there are differing approaches to how booths are built. Others will offer opinions here, this is the point of this site, and they will not always agree with your vision. With many very successful owners here at PBO their guidance will be helpful to those entering the market and is not meant to be spiteful or hurtful.
    Now back to the subject.
    Now that I understand what you are looking to build I to highly urge you to not do so and maybe go the route that @photo_ells so graciously described above.
    If you entered my market with that as your product I hate to say it but I would leverage that very heavily in my marketing against you. If you plan to market your service as a photo booth and not a paparazzi style photo session then there are certain expectations that your clients will form in their minds.
    The first will be the photo booth at the mall or an arcade that they have seen before. If your product looks nothing like this or does not conjure these memories it will be a much harder sell for you.
    Remember the purpose of the PBO site is to enable us to share and learn with one another.
  • Bobuschka
    Thanks Photo ells. I am in The US and can't see any Unicol VS 1000 any where in the USA. I am thinking of putting a Top hat stand connector on the bottom of a smaller box that you suggest. and have a Speaker stand (that DJ's use) with a spandex skirt (I am attaching a photo) This could be used as a stand alone booth AND as an addition to a pipe and drape booth. And it will be adjustable in height. Where I live in the Midwest, I photograph weddings and do about 100 per year. Pretty much every time I see a photo booth it is a pipe and drape style one with a table with the printer on it butted up to one side. I have never seen one that even slightly resembles a mall photo booth at all. I do know that the old school booths exist in my area because I have seen them on my competitors websites but I have never seen one at any event
    My original intention was to have an adjustable table butted up the the short edge of a pipe and drape booth. The table would be about 15 inches into the booth and the panel would be inside the booth with the drape over the outside of the panel. The other 3 feet of the booth would be outside the pipe and drape. The whole panel would be inside the booth. and the table would be skirted so it would not look different than a booth where there is one Panel over another one and the top one has the panel and bottom one stores the other items.
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