HELP! HiTi P510L Printer problems

I wish I would have come across this site sooner!

I am in desperate need of help with my printer. But first off, here's a little venting that I need to get off of my chest: I bought my photo booth from Mojo. I had done a little bit of testing here and there before setting it up at a friend's wedding (thankfully for free!). This was very dumb on my part because I was in no way prepared for the problems that arose. And boy were there problems!
Issue #1: "Camera Not Connected". (We have since figured out this was due to the power source to the camera and have invested in a few batteries. Now this is not an issue.)
Issue #2: If that wasn't happening, we were getting crazy, extremely poor quality pictures (see the first four attached pictures). To add to that - attached photo #5 is what the live screen looked like half the time. And we kept getting an error that would pop up and wipe out the current photo sequence that was being taken. After trying to get some help from Mojo (which was pointless), I went directly to Canon. They had me send back the camera and after running some tests discovered there WAS something wrong with the camera. This was good news to me since it meant it wasn't just operator error :) . So they fixed the problem and sent it back to me and now that has been working flawlessly too!

Issue #3: The printer. The biggest thorn in my side now. I have a HiTi P510L. Attached picture #6 is what was happening. It would give us errors like "Paper mismatch" or "Out of ribbon" I believe they were. Eventually we just had to shut down the booth at my friend's wedding. To make a long story short, I asked HiTi for help. They told me about updating the firmware so we did that. After which I tested at home for a half hour straight of print after print. No problems. So this past weekend I took the booth to another friend's party. It worked for about 2 hours until the printer started giving me the same problems again. It kept saying "paper mismatch" or "out of ribbon" error. And I'd get the crazy strips (#6) again. I was thankful it worked for 2 hours atleast. I ended up just turning the printer off and saving the strips as .jpeg only.
Needless to say, after these issues, my spirit has been dampened a bit. I keep going back and forth on if I should keep trying to make it work or just try to sell it. However, I feel that if I could finally get this printer problem fixed, I could make a go of it. But I can't keep operating like this...keeping my fingers crossed every single time someone steps into the booth. Can anyone PLEASE help me with my printer issues???


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  • Shine88
    And I don't know if this helps, but this was the link HiTi sent me for updating the firmware:

    The operating system I'm using is Windows 7 Home Premium and photo booth software is Breeze DSLR Remote Pro v2.3
  • Unknown
    i had so many problems w/ my printer when i first got my mojo booth. I had anxiety every event i went to. I had to not only buy a new printer last minute for an event but had to ship the other one (cost me $$) to cali to get fixed. in total i've shipped the printer to be fixed 3 times- thank god it was still covered. I recommend sending in the paper work for 6 free months of coverage. It's a good idea to have a back up i guess. Always check your ribbon & paper before you start an event because they both can loosen during transportation. I do this religiously because of all the trouble ive had.
    Good luck! I know how stressful this situation sucks!
  • LorneChesal
    as a troubleshooting step, can you attach the printer to another PC and print to it for a period of time?

    this would help isolate whether the printer itself is defective, or the driver/Mojo PC.

    are those pieces of ribbon stick to the prints I see in the pictures? If so, that sure looks like a defective printer head. Not enough heat to fully melt the ribbon? bad paper that won't release the ribbon correctly?

    The printer "knows" the paper by the spools on the sides. It "knows" the ribbon from the chip on the cartridge that mates up to a sensor inside the printer. Check the sensor for debris. Check the chip and use a pink pencil eraser to clean it. Does the ribbon "click" firmly when you place it in?

    I would want to know if the printer acts up with another PC.
  • DazzlingPhotoBooth
    good advice, I will keep this in case my hiti goes nuts.
  • BTP
    Seeing those photos reminds me of the DNP paper issues from a year ago, and it was bad paper that caused it.
  • Shine88
    Thank you for the suggestions! I will try them out and see what happens.
  • Shine88
    I emailed Imaging Spectrum to see if they knew anything about the bad paper, as that was the company I ordered it from. They said they were not aware of a bad paper issue. Do you know if there is anyway of telling the difference between the good and bad paper?

    I'm having someone come check out my printer this weekend, so we shall see. Hopefully he finds something. Otherwise I might resort to buying a new printer like alterego.
  • Mike
    I have not heard of any bad paper circulating. What are the symptoms you are experiencing that have led you to it might be?
  • Shine88
    Seeing those photos reminds me of the DNP paper issues from a year ago, and it was bad paper that caused it.

    BTP said the above. I can't remember if I heard it somewhere else too.
  • BTP
    That happened right after Sony sold their printer division to DNP and right around when the tsumni hit Japan. There were some issues with the paper from DNP during the change over from Sony to them and the tsunami didn't help the process.
  • BTP
    Forgot to add that if you are the only one with problems then it just might be the printer and not the paper. We are all in this boat together and if others are having issues with DNP paper again it would be good for all to know.

    Can someone tell us if the DNP paper boxes are still shipping with the blue dot on them? I haven't had to order paper in awhile, got a nice little supply right now.
  • Unknown
    I have had the same error problems with the Hiti. I also had the bad printer head where the paper was sticking to rhe color film in few spots causing a paper jam. Sent to Cali for service, with very little communication with the sercice dept. Originally saod it woulld be 5 - 10 days sservice time - 4 weeks later they returned my printer with no paperwork to sbow what they did. In the mean time I had to purchase a back up printer.Dont know if I will continue on with Hiti. Would love? to hear from otther Hiti users!
  • DazzlingPhotoBooth
    So far so good over a year with one and 3 times with a new one I have. No problems at all. Just clean regularly for me has worked.
  • Shine88
    Maybe it's just a fluke that I received two bad pieces of equipment with my booth. I think I may have to buy another printer if my friend is unable to fix it this weekend. Can anyone recommend any printers? I'm a little leery, like dfortner, about hiti due to the problems I've had and apparently others as well. I do like the quality of prints when it prints right.

    Does everyone use a high-speed dye sublimation printer? I'm sorry, I'm not well-versed in the technology aspect of all this. Just learning as I go...
  • Ruben
    Should look into the DNP RX1 Printer, starting on Monday 03/11/2012 we'll have a 3 day special please visit our website at

    Hope to serve you guys soon

    Ruben Gama
    Foto Club Inc.
  • BTP
    @Shine88, just out of curiosity, how often do you clean the printer? I'm only wondering because I've read about more than a few people that are having problems with that hiti printer and I happen to know someone with one and he has never had an issue. Are they really manufactured that poorly that so many are having problems? Is it just the luck of the draw?
  • Ruben
    the Hiti P510 series printers only need cleaning as need.

    there is a link that show how clean the unit:

    Ruben Gama
    Foto Club Inc.
  • Shine88
    Update: Hiti sent me instructions/links to download new driver & firmware, which we had done before, but this was a newer version and came with different instructions. So I did what it instructed and then ran it for 3 1/2 hours, running prints every minute to two minutes. There were NO problems! Could the fix have been that simple?? I sure hope so! Will save me a whole lot of headaches from not having to send it in to a service center.

    I noticed that about two hours into it, the prints started to feel slightly warm. But nothing seemed to come of it.

    Again, thank you to everyone for your suggestions. They are good to keep in mind!
  • Jampic
    Hiti P510 printers are NOT to be transported with the film and paper in them. You need to remove the film and paper prior to hauling your printer to and from an event. It states this in the instruction manual. If you do not remove the film and paper you can and will have issues with your printer as the person stated at the beginning of this  feed.

    I use the Hiti P510 and have never had any issues with it as I always remove the film and paper prior to moving the printer to and from an event. I have never had to run the cleaning service in 3 years of full booking the photo booth.

    We use Darkroom Booth software and have never had any software issues while beginning with Windows8 and upgrading to Windows10, we also use a touch screen monitor with our photo booth.

    We use a Canon rebel camera. Again absolutely zero problems.

    Perhaps it's apples to oranges in comparison, I do not use Mojo. I have a Famous Photo Booth set up.
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