CRM software?

has anyone found the best way to organize all their business & customer info that doesn't cost a lot? The best one I have found so far is one that is for D.J.s as it has a calendar, database, places to list the location etc. & it is $10 a month, which is fine, but is there one that would match even better. There are parts of it that I don't need, like playlists & things.I'm just starting out & would like to get going with the right software so I don't have to re-load it all to another one later on.


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  • Unknown
    It's even more expensive ($25/month), but fantastic. It's geared towards photographers but everything is easily tailored to a photo booth business. It does just about anything you can think of, has fantastic customer support, is constantly being improved, and is easy to use once you get everything setup.
    I've been using it for a year now and love it.
  • Minh
    i just started using
    it's FREE.. and it actually works pretty darn good.
    it does invoices, and keeps up with your paid/overdue/due invoices.. people can pay from those invoices you send them, so i stopped using paypal all together.
    i use google calendar for my calendar
    and for contracts i use EASY, just send them a link and i dont fill it out, the customer does.
  • Mike
    Been using Wave myself for several months, it does a decent job but could be better for the CRM. The product is really an accounting software so CRM really isn't part of its scope.
    Another I have heard of folks using DJ Event Planner (DJEP). I know several large operators that use it.

    As a bonus we have successfully linked up DJEP emails to dynamic event creation in the product I recently launched.
  • Unknown
    As a bonus we have successfully linked up DJEP emails to dynamic event creation in the product I recently launched.

    I just about have those working with Tave :)
  • Unknown
    I recommend DJEP. Couldn't live without it
  • Mike
    As a bonus we have successfully linked up DJEP emails to dynamic event creation in the product I recently launched.

    I just about have those working with Tave :)

    Very cool. Let me know if you need anything from me to help with this.
  • docgray23
    I've been using It's $25 a month, but tailored specifically towards photo booth owners. They are currently working on a new version (V3). I have had some problems with it being buggy, but overall it's really good. I have submitted multiple tickets for ideas and upgrades. I am also beta testing the new version.
  • Soundsations
    Doc, that software looks nice. Wondering of there is another program that does not require a monthly fee. By the way, price has increased a little. Is there anybody else here using
  • Soundsations
    Mike....a potential review article?
  • Mike
    I remember when they launched, wasn't too terribly long ago. I will reach out to them though I must admit my time is quite stretched at the moment.
  • Lucktech Photobooths
    I started experimenting with a simple spreadsheet that I built in Excel this week that automatically sets dates for things to be done for an event based on two dates ( date 1 is the contract signing) (date 2 is the event date itself). I found a VBS script that I am attempting to use to get it to send calendar reminders as soon as excel calculates a date.

    My thought is to add a new sheet for every event. It will act as a filing cabinet. I can't justify the 25+ bucks this early on in my business for TAVE or anything else, even u Mike;o). I guess when booth 2 is built and we have events scheduled every weekend, I might consider it.

    As of now, there are 14 steps to my workflow for an event that I want to add to the spreadsheet.

  • splendidbooth
    what do you consider expensive? =)
  • karjoy55
    I think right now the program set up for dj's looks like it will be ideal especially for only $10 a month
  • samson smith
    Working with a CRM who know how to organize and manipulate all customer's information is not much painful instead of doing it own in software.So i prefer bpmonline as CRM for organizing all the customer information which helps while dealing with customers.
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