The latest trend: slow motion booths


Fun,but I still think people like to walk away with something?


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  • bassqee
    And an expensive one too - that was shot with a red camera!
  • flashasmile
    the old couple destroyed the backdrop. omg i can see it getting really wild and out of hand

    these folks are kissing and slapping. i don't know if they're drunk already but that is just a big lawsuit waiting to happen.

    besides you can't show live preview in slowmo so until you slow the video down later in post they won't see it to much later.

    i agree people still like to walk away with something.
  • TheLaughPod
    I believe thats not a slow motion booth. That's simply a video camera setup taking regular video. All the slow motion stuff is done after the event by editing.
  • Minh
    yup. its editing. damn you 10k camera.
  • Unknown
    The Red Epic they shot with is $17,500 without a lens or any other accessories... an $8000 Sony FS-700 can do it too. Technically, if you are able to download the footage between takes, you can play it back immediately with the right software. A Hero3 Black edition can do 120fps in 720p or 240 fps in widescreen SD, and I'm pretty sure when it saves the file it will naturally play back at 30 or 24 fps... instant slo-mo. Some cameras don't save the file the right way, leaving it set as a 120 or 240fps file and the computer can't play it back until you put it in an editor and change the frame rate. For example, I can do 60p on my 60D, but the file plays back at 60p. I have a camera at work that shoots variable frame rates over a 24p base, meaning I can shoot at 60p, but it plays back at 24. 60fps just isn't fast enough to get that cool super slo-mo look.
  • dslrboothmike
    A bit late to the conversation but slow mo booths are starting to be very popular again. Historically like Mike said, you'd need at least a $7000 camera to do slow motion. However, there are a few cameras that were just released that allow shooting at 240fps to get similar results.

    We've just released an app called SlowGo that lets you run a SlowMo Booth with the GoPro Hero Black to allow shooting at 240fps. The app slows down the video and plays it back as well as allowing guests to e-mail themselves the video. There's a free trial on the website. Check it and we'd love to hear your feedback.
  • DazzlingPhotoBooth
    And....the Feedback folks?


    Thanks ;-)
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