Breeze VS Darkroom Booth

Anyone switch from Breeze to Darkroom Booth? If so what are the Pros and Cons.

Thanks Terry


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  • mystique photobooth
    I would also like an answer to this question also. I didn't know about Darkroom Booth and was all set to buy Breeze systems for our slr camera. Mike mentioned in a welcome post of mine that I should look at Darkroom Booth also. What are the pluses of Darkroom Booth over Breeze?

    Thanks Mick
  • Daytona photo booth
    Just found that it is cheaper at B&H

    Good till the 13th of November
  • dmphotobooth
    I have Breeze NKRemote and Print Ripper 1.5. The auto detect face print feature in darkroom has me thinking about switching just for this one feature. Has anyone used the feature in darkroom booth, and how does it work?
  • daaggieman
    I posted just now on another thread regarding some pros and cons about Darkroom. It is a promising software, but def not without its flaws. I find some of its features, such as green screen, lacking in user friendliness and execution. Breeze is def easier to use in this instance. Another area that needs improvement is transferring the event pictures to a USB. Darkroom makes it easy to burn onto a cd but not when exporting to a usb. I am slowly building my confidence in Darkroom, but I find myself still really using Breeze for its reliability and familiarness.

    Give it a try but keep another system that has proven reliable just incase.
  • as808pb
    Im trying to decide which software to use. Anyone have and input on Breeze and Darkroom Software?
  • Mike
    I recommend that anyone evaluating photo booth software for their first booth take a look at dslrBooth Pro in addition to Breeze, Photoboof and Darkroom Booth.

    dslrBooth Pro:

    Darkroom Booth:

    Breeze Systems:


  • scottishmovies
    Mike, your post did have me wondering if there's an opportunity to put a sticky on somewhere with a list of all the available options and links for downloads??
  • Mike
    We can look into that. They are list in photo booth owners toolbox
  • Daytona photo booth
    There is one huge problem with the software is if you are like me and have two arcade buttons one for color and one for B/W it won't work. If you have a touch screen then your fine i think. I use a stealth switch that i can't use with the software. I guess I have to stay with Breeze.
  • boothpix
    If you can configure the switches to work as mouse clicks via USB - i,.e. pressing one button emulates left click or right click on a mouse, then you can use buttons with Darkroom.

    Just noticed the earlier comment on green screen tto, it is in fact much simpler in darkroom than breeze and once you've taken a photo you can use colour select to better match the background for improved keying. A feature which breeze doesn't have.
  • instantmemories
    You can also use a serial port. I bought a serial port and connected to the red button to start the session. I am thinking of getting another serial port to us as a toggle between color and black & white.

    If you go to "controls", you will see where you can use the keyboard, a mouse (there is a way to connect the mouse to the buttons) or under other you can set up a serial port. I have done 2 events with the serial port connected to the bottons without any problems. The main problem is getting the guests to push the button to start the session.
  • Daytona photo booth
    But i don't think you can have two buttons one for color and one for B/W right?
  • instantmemories
    You have to toggle between color and B/W. You can tell by the "live view", it will show in color or B/W. My booth originally had a color and B/W button. I use the red (color) button to start the session. I will hook up the white (B/W) button for color or B/W.
  • boothpix
    Darkroom: Yes you can have two buttons - left click on mouse = start for one button, right click = scroll through Sepia, B&W, Retro or colour for the other button.

    So in effect with two buttons you can still get 4 style options - not bad.
  • Daytona photo booth
    is there a link to show how to do that?
  • instantmemories
    This link is from Darkroom Software website.
  • Team ISI
    Interesting thread. Just want to offer this up... anyone wanting to get a solid tutorial live and/or free training on the software please feel free to contact We can log onto your computer and give you the grand tour. If you buy the software you also get free live 1 on 1 training to help you learn the program. This makes your learning curve very short and your ongoing learning curve easier. With new photo booth software programs coming into the market continually, it can be a challenge to stay on top of it all. We want to make sure we are doing all we can to offer free live help and assist you in your decision making process. Its free! Mike has templates formatted for Darkroom too and we support his products!

    Your friends at ISI.
  • Team ISI
    @Daytona photo booth wrote:There is one huge problem with the software is if you are like me and have two arcade buttons one for color and one for B/W it won't work. If you have a touch screen then your fine i think. I use a stealth switch that i can't use with the software. I guess I have to stay with Breeze.


    We have a number of customers with buttons that are using Darkroom Booth. I think you would find its easier to work with than Breeze. Feel free to contact us for a free tutorial on setting up buttons. can log into your computer and show you how to set it up.

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