What are you using for Seating?

mystique photobooth
What are you using for seating in your booths?


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  • bassqee
    I don't have seating in my booth.
  • Levelone
    I´ve an open air photobooth. People are on foot.
  • necheez
    We use chairs from the venue. Not always ideal, and have thought about a bench but don't want to carry one more thing. Usually with older kids and with adults you can't even see the chairs, and sometimes with an event where there are lots of little kids we just take the chairs out of the booth and have them stand.
  • miker1267
    We use a folding bench from Home Depot. Just added padding and made a cloth to drape over it. Works great. Costs about $49.
  • Daytona photo booth
    Same here on the folding bench. It can really hold the weight if you know what I mean.LOL

  • Unknown
    @miker1267 wrote:We use a folding bench from Home Depot. Just added padding and made a cloth to drape over it. Works great. Costs about $49.

    Yup, that's what I use too. The only issue is that when I allow guests to go behind the bench, I have to warn them to "watch out for the leg" because it sticks out a bit. I often hold their arm just in case. I'd love to find a light and collapsable alternative but still looking.
  • partypicsbooth

    compact in the booth, folds flat

    google folding piano bench, they seem to be about 1/2 the price since they aren't for photography
  • HAMA Photography
    I dont use seating either. I can understand how it levels the playing field and everybody is then within the frame but mine is an enclosed booth and I have had 7 people in there at once. Couldnt do that without having to swap a seat out. Short people....I tilt the camera down to accommodate.
  • Photoboothcrazy
    Standing and kids stand on a little step ladder
  • Unknown
    Gibraltar drum thrones ($150 each for good ones). They are sturdy and break down nicely into my rolling cases.
  • bethestarphoto
    I also don't ever use seating. I have an Open Air booth and I agree that you can fit more people without extra benches and stuff in the way. I think what is used (or not used) really depends on the type of booth you have and the feel you are going for.
  • TheShoreThing
    I started using a folding keyboard/piano bench. HOWEVER, there is no back and people COULD fall over. I switched to using chairs from the venue. As someone else mentioned, you can hardly ever see the chairs in the pictures.
  • Unknown
    No seating for our open style booth, guests stand. With multiple bodies, a few people "squat" to make enough room to fit them all in the image.
  • thephotocamper
    I use a new retro 2,5 persona sofa from sofakompagniet.dk

    People love it!


    @mystique photobooth wrote:What are you using for seating in your booths?
  • ljmcgill
    We use stools and/or a bench. My son-in-law made a bench with wheels on it and it opens up for storage. Works great!
  • Mystickal1
    I do it standing unless it's a kids party. I have two options depending on their age. I either use 2 folding 26" tall bar stools or 2 regular folding chairs. I can adjust the height of the booth to the height of the people at the event. I have an event coming up where there will be people in wheelchairs. I will put it at the lowest setting and have folding chairs on hand. That way no one will be left out.
  • Irisphotobooths
    We use a built in bench that also supports the side walls. There's storage inside the bench which is great
  • snappy
    I was thinking of using something like this.

    I figured that I could store stuff in there for transport, so it would end up serving more than one function.
  • ShotsPhotobooths
    I know it may be a little overkill, but I've seen some heavy people in line, and the bench at home depot only holds up to 250 pounds I think? So i went with this option. A little pricy, but let me tell you, it holds up to 500 lbs., it can adjust so when I have an event with kids that need a little boost or for adults I can keep it low, also has the foot rail. It folds up too, so for me at least it was a solid, adjustable, and reliable choice.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001B4Q9RW/ref=oh_details_o06_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  • BeauxBooth
    I have used a padded bench with storage (similar to this: http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-859783/ave-six-detour-storage-bench.jsp or http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/301043262344?lpid=82) DO NOT USE Microfiber! It leaves butt prints! NOT COOL for the ladies or larger people.

    I also bought this, http://www.ikea.com/au/en/images/products/malaro-bench__64524_PE173905_S4.jpg. I like this a lot from IKEA. It doesn't really fit in my car (Small 4 door), so I only use it if I can use someones SUV to bring my Booth in.

    I thought about using the folding bench from home depot, I think that is a good idea.

    The only issues that I have had with benches is that people keep pushing/scotting them back. I have to re-adjust every once in a while.
  • Funpicsphotobooths
    We have a sturdy aluminum frame bench with a vinyl covered cushioned top.(the legs fold up) It can hold over 350 pounds or more...alot of wooden benches the legs break after certain guests or too many guests put too much combined weight on the bench. Also it seems that if you use chairs that the height is not right with the lens on the booth...it is a fine tuned piece of equipment.
  • ronald-santos
    A deep seating type like this one at http://www.javateakoutdoorfurniture.com/products/deep-seating-2 is much perfect and comfortable to use. Because it is made of teakwood, it is light and strong furniture.
  • BalloonScape
    Where did you gt your bench?  Link please

  • ppb
    I used to use drum thrones w/no backrests.  Seemed like the last couple of years, people kept expecting a seat back, and leaned back only to fall on their a$$..  So, we have two nice metal folding chairs that are padded, bought them at Target.  They are not visible and are out of frame of the photos.  Two guests sit, the rest stand behind them.
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