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Hi everybody!

i want to show some pictures in fullscreen with a slideshow-software. the software have to monitor a special folder for new photos to show them in a loop.

do you know something like that for WIN 7 / WIN 8 ?

Thank you guys!



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  • flashasmile

    try this link above.

    1. share a folder on your network

    a) how?

    2. put the pictures you want inside that folder

    3. slideshow will take of the rest

    a) why? because it shows each picture in the folder 1 at a time. as the above link states.
  • boothpix
    Using something like Faststone Image Viewer, you can set this to watch the folder you already use for storing your images as they are taken and display them as a show with a variety of transistions.

    I'm looking for a countdown timer to add as either an overlay to this show or as one of the slides that appears if anyone has any ideas. Looking to show how long left the booth is open and too many feel it's there until the end of the night. which is very rare.
  • Unknown
    Pixie software....sorry I can't link to it because I am at work. Very small program that does exactly what you are asking.
  • scottishmovies
    We use Photo Live, free and does the job very well
  • vreyes
    @scottishmovies wrote:We use Photo Live, free and does the job very well

    +1...I use this as well and works really well.
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