Backup equipment

I have only done a few events, and I was wondering what kind of backups do some of you smaller businesses keep?

Lights? Camera batteries? Cameras? Computers?

What do you normally judge as essentials, and what are more like "would be nice to have"?


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  • Mike
    We take a backup camera, computer, flash bulbs, printer and print media.
  • bassqee
    everything - you never know what might happen.
  • snappy
    Is your backup equipment normally the same as your main equipment?

    I could see that with full-time businesses. For the smaller ones, I think it may be hard justifying the purchase of a second $1000 printer, camera or computer. But then again, I could also imagine the anger that a customer might have if equipment broke and you didn't have an adequate replacement.
  • PicinaBox
    Speaking of backup equipment, fotoclubinc has a pretty sweet deal going on right now for printers and printing supplies. If you need any of the above, you should check it out! I think it is only going until Dec. 7th. :)
  • BackinTime
    I take backup printer,media,touchscreen,camera and cables. Basically everything but another booth.
  • Unknown
    Spare : Printer, camera, flash tubes, print kit, and a laptop to run the show if the internal computer gives up. (A Mac mini). I have an external 23" for a slideshow, I guess I could move that monitor into the booth if the booth monitor were to fail.
  • Unknown
    Everything that I would use for another photobooth. Cables, Camera, Computer, Lights and Printer.
  • LC Photo Booth
    I'm a paranoid person so I try to think of worst case scenarios "what if" I take a backup camera, I use an alienbee, so I take an external flash just in case and extra batteries, I use the ac adapter for my camera but also take charged batteries,backup cables, sync cables, usb cables etc. I take extra paper, the only thing I didn't have was a backup computer, now I just purchased that. I don't have a backup printer either I'm thinking of getting one as well.
  • ShotsPhotobooths
    touch screen convertible laptop in case the touch screen monitor display fails, also have additional backup camera plus laptop has webcam. Hey it might not be the best, but for just starting out and only doing a few gigs a month, i don't think it is feasible to buy a complete second set of equipment. At least I have SOMETHING if first options fail.
  • Unknown
    I had 3 PB. On each, for my Emergency backup printer, I carry the Canon Selphy thermal printer. Sells for about $150 with 150 prints. I never had to use it but a slow printer quality printer is better than none. Even if costs were on a factor, my RX1's are too heavy to carry to each job on the extremely unlikely chance of a failure.

    Beside backup cables, hubs etc, I carry a spare laptop; sometimes a spare camera - again - thankfully never needed them.
  • bethestarphoto
    I just bought my first booth this past July and haven't finished paying that off yet, so having a "full" backup isn't in the cards right now. I know what I SHOULD have, but right now I have extra paper/ink, cables and I bring a laptop. I definitely need to get another printer, as I can see how issues arise there and eventually a backup camera. Both on my wish list for the new year. :)
  • nzphotobooth
    Only take spare paper and USB cord. worst case scenario would have to give the client there money back, beats taking $2000 worth of extra gear with me.
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