DSLR Remote Pro Live View switches shutter speed to "bulb"


I am using DSLR Remote Pro and a Canon EOS 550D (set to „M“ with manual focus and f8 and 1/160) which does not have the option to disable exposure simulation thus the Live View is way too dark. So I turned on „Use external flash“ in the software with the result that the live view is good, but then when I start the photobox sequence (in which I take 4 images) the first live view and first photo is perfect, then the live view for the second photo opens up and already there you can see that the live view image has turned yellowish and the next three images become all blurry meaning you can see moving ojects. When I don't activate "use external flash" the live view is too dark but all 4 images turn out perfect.

I noticed that the first picture uses the settings it is supposed to (f8 and 1/160) but the next three images are shot with „bulb“ mode.

So it seems like the live view or the "use external flash" feature somehow automatically switches the „Shutter speed“ from "1/160" to „bulb“ after the first picture has been taken which of course ends up in blurry images.

Does anybody have a suggestion how I can fix this problem?

Thank you very much for your help.

Cheers Samuel


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