RightBooth - New photo booth and video booth software


Just trying to get our new video and photo booth software on the map !

RightBooth is very affordable software designed to help you create a low cost video and photo booth using your own Windows computer, webcam and printer.
It's early days for the product, we want to improve it and make it a really great alternative to hiring a booth, so we'd love to have your feedback on the software, both good and bad.

You can download a fully working version of RightBooth from our website at www.rightbooth.com.

Many thanks,


  • scottishmovies
    Am I reading this right?
    You have a written a piece of software which is in its early days and you'd like some feedback from the experienced photo booth owners on this forum so that it amkes it better?
    But one of your primary driving forces is to use it as a "really great alternative to hiring a booth" are you serious? What do you think we do on here? Software development? a Camera Club?

    Come on Nigel, you need a better approach than that at least. But going by your website it promotes a bad feeling about hiring a photo booth as you want to show off the software. Fair enough but there are other avenues you should explore rather than here.

    If your aim is to do as you've mentioned in your email - to promote your software as a really great alternative to hiring a photo booth - I'm sure I won't be alone in wishing it to fail.
  • NigelP
    Hi all,

    It’s been over 4 years since I posted here so I thought it was time I responded.

    RightBooth is now a very mature and stable product.  And it is constantly being updated and improved.

    It now supports webcams, DSLR cameras and printers. It provides photo and video capture features, photo templates, photo signing, photo filters, photo printing, animations, video playback, green screen, photo overlays, face detection, file emailing and cloud storage integration. Plus lots more.

    The design capabilities make it possible to use the software within a video booth, a photo booth, a mirror booth, a karaoke recording booth, or an information booth.  You can even set it up to ask questions and record video answers.

    And you will find the licensing terms are incredibly reasonable.  For example, you can buy one licensed copy of the RightBooth Diamond Unlimited Edition for only $149 and install and use it on ALL your hire equipment.  And for that price you get ongoing software updates and technical support with no annual subscription repayment costs.

    So why not try the software on your photo booth equipment today?  The Evaluation version is fully functional and can be freely obtained from our website:  www.rightbooth.com

    Many thanks,
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