Hiti P510s ribbon error

We set up our booth this morning for tonights event and when we went to do a test print we got a ribbon error message.  This is new ribbon and paper.

Ribbon IC R/W error.

i tried removing the ribbon and cleaning the chip with no luck, i did not have any extra ribbon with me to see if its that actual ribbon being defective.  I have never had this error before or issue with new ribbon.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



  • Mike
    Seen this one recently elsewhere. This was the response I believe.

    1. Remove the ribbon.
    2. Clean the chip on the side of the ribbon and re-install ribbon.
    3. If the error message still exists, try to install a different new ribbon.
    If the error message still occurs, please contact your nearest HiTi distributor or HiTi
    customer service center.
  • shuttershack
    replaced the ribbon and it worked perfectly.

    thanks for the help
  • bbrasier
    This is a MAJOR problem with a specific lot of HiTi printer ribbons!  If you have a case of 4x6 paper and ribbons with 2014 7th Week on the label make sure you check the ribbons before you head out for a photo booth job.

    We had this same problem, fortunately we had 2 cases of paper at the event we were doing. 3 out of the 4 printer ribbons were bad!  We contacted HiTi and they confirmed that this is a known problem with this lot of printer ribbons.  We had just purchased 5 cases and they all had the 2014 7th Week lot number.  After the photo booth event and talking to the folks at HiTi we checked ALL of the printer ribbons from that batch and found 7 out of 10 of the printer ribbons were bad!!!  This could have been a disaster at future events!  We have returned the bad printer ribbons to HiTi and they are going to replace the bad chip and return the ribbons to us.

    To ensure you do not have to deal with this problem, I would recommend talking to your paper/ribbon provider and ask them to NOT ship any cases from the 2014 7th Week lot to you.  We use fotoclub.com and they are well aware of this problem and have agree to NOT send us any cases from that lot.

    Hope this helps!
  • info@goodtimestx.com
    We've had the same issue before.  Didn't matter if it was a brand new ribbon or partially used.  It seemed to me it just wasn't making a connection with the ribbon sensor.  The only thing that worked was to repeatedly take the ribbon in and out until it recognized there was ribbon.  Sometimes I felt that if I slowly closed the door "just right" it would end up working again (who knows?).  Either way, it happened so randomly we got fed up and now use it as a back up to the 510L
  • sydy213
    Good Day how do i solve an error written RIBBON OUT on my Hiti P510S Printer.
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