Surface Pro & DNP DS40 HELP PLEASE

LOL Photobooth
LOL Photobooth
Using surface pro and dnp ds40.  Problem I have is every time I plug printer in, it make a new DS40 printer file.  As in DS40, DS40 copy 1, copy 2 and so on.  I have to find which one is the online printer and select that one.  While using at an event, it will actually stop printing.  I have learned that during an event, it will actually switch the printer file it is using putting me at a stop.  Then I have to go into printer settings and find the active printer file and switch to that.  I am using a multi plug USB as my surface only has one port.  DNP customer service says that is to be expected.  Was told I can not use a multi port usb hub. Also told that the DS40  is NOT to be used with a tablet.  She also told me that no one uses a table for their photobooth.  really?   Anyone else having this problem?



  • Mike
    The latter isn't a correct statement as a Surface Pro is a computer in a tablet form factor, very different than an iPad or Surface RT. In regards to the USB hub, this is to be expected as each port is assigned a dynamic address. So when you plug your printer in it appears to be a new device. Since Windows has the device driver is makes a new copy using the driver on the new port address.

    @Minh I know that you use Surface Pro's are you seeing this to?

  • Minh
    Hey LOL.

    so  With a surface tablet.. or window 8.1..  before you turn on your computer.. plug in your printer and turn it on...

    if for some reason the printer get disconnected while your computer is on, you'll have to reset the computer while the printer is plugged in.  It's quite silly.


    But what you can do to see which printer option you'll need is:

    Control Panel > Printer & Devices > Right click on Printer & Devices > Create Shortcut


    that way, when you go in and turn on the computer with your printer already connected, you will see which driver the printer is loaded up as.


    Also I would advised using a powered USB hub so that it doesn't fail.. it seems like maybe it may fail and come back on and you don't know it, but that means the printer will be unplugged for that quick second which means you'll have to restart the computer.


    I sell all my photo booths with Surface Pros.  Guppy sells hundreds with surface pros too.  alottttt of people use it.  so it's not a tablet.. it's a computer.  She doesn't know what she's talking about.
  • flashasmile
    I use a surface pro in my booth as well.
    I use this Satechi 4 port USB 3.0 hub <a href="">amazon link</a>It is one of the few that is truly compatible with the surface.

    What @Minh said is correct turn on your printer before starting your surface.
    It also helps to plug your printer into the same port each time. I use a dymo label for each port.

    My surface is temperamental too. Sometimes my wifi won't be there. So when in doubt, restart. Being in IT my whole career and as on the show The IT Crowd, I answer my phone, "Hi, IT, have you tried restarting it?"
  • LOL Photobooth
    LOL Photobooth
    Hey Mike, I agree, the surface is not a tablet. But when talking to customer service at DNP she told me that it still has "tablet qualities" that will give me this problem.  Especially since it has only one usb port.

  • LOL Photobooth
    LOL Photobooth
    Thanks everyone.  I am anxious to try these suggestions and see if it works!

  • flashasmile
    [quote=35469]Hey Mike, I agree, the surface is not a tablet. But when talking to customer service at DNP she told me that it still has “tablet qualities” that will give me this problem. Especially since it has only one usb port. [/quote]

    It's possible to have 127 devices connected at once to a PC (<a href="">Source)</a>. Theoretically, you can have more than 127 if on different bus and self-powered, sorry I digress.  I wouldn't recommend connecting that many, but if you had a USB hub with lets say 10 ports you shouldn't have a problem. I have the DNP DS40 and it obviously is self powered, so it doesn't pull any or much power from the USB port. However the drivers are poorly written or shall I say not up to specs for Win8. That's why it's kind of flaky.

    Just remember:

    1. when in doubt restart
    2. get a quality usb 3.0 hub
    3. make sure plug it into same port each time4. power on printer before powering on surface
  • funboothnyc
    I am having this exact same problem.  Did you ever find a work around.  I'm desperate
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