Dslrbooth vs darkroom

Dear all.
I'm making a very simple booth for a happening but also to use in the future for Christmas cards e.t.c.
The green screen function and print ability is going to be essential. With that in mind, I would like your suggestions.
(I have a full pro mobile studio with flash and dslr)
Many thanks - photographer from Denmark


  • Mike
    Both have solid green screen functionality. Also both have basic designers and support importing templates. If you'll need tech support DR booth would get my nod.

    I recommend you play with the demo versions of both and see which works best for you.
  • boothpix
    Darkroom have recently updated their GS algorithm based on the main darkroom core and pro, it is extremely good and is activated by having to do no more than click a check box.

    The important thing to remember though is GS in any application is all about the lighting. Get that right and it's so much easier.

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