My NEW Business Cards :)

Hello everyone,

I just redesigned my business cards and got them yesterday.

I think they came out pretty well, what do you think? is there anything I should  add or remove for the next batch?




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  • Mike
    Sharp looking @johnplacenet I dig the foiled sections
  • jackies35
    Very nice... but way too busy.

    I think you need to put the glitter tattoo on one side.

    I think you need to put the Fun photo booth on the other.

    Too many colors, too many different fonts, and too much info.

    Can you get a website and put the Yelp info on there instead?  I like the thought of it on the card but the card looks so busy.

    Great job but too busy.  Maybe you need to separate business cards.
  • hd_orlando_photobooth
    Yeah not sure how well the cross marketing business card will work for you. I mean It could raise awareness to those who want a photobooth and or glitter tattoos that you offer another service. But its way too busy, half and half, then other half and half and a lot of other stuff. Its real fun and poppy and stuff. But ultimately im voting for it to be a little corny.

    Stick with a cleaner photo booth card. And a cleaner glitter card and seperate them and cut down on all the words and flash. You want them to be able to glance at it, remember you, find your pertinent info and feel like they got something personal or awesome.

    Business cards these days generally get tossed and lost, find a reason to have them keep it, or at the very least hand 100 out randomly see how many calls you get, get a different business card and hand 100 of those out...and see what has the best response.

    -- michael
  • jimmy-salazar
    <a href="" rel="nofollow">@johnplacenet</a> that's an awesome business card.  When people see it they know exactly what they are looking it.  They will remember your cards.   They are perfect bro.  Love 'em
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