Has anyone used a bubble machine, hand held or otherwise as an option for open set-up?

We did a gig the other night & the kids were blowing bubbles in front of the kids getting their pix taken, got some fantastic photos, so thought of maybe adding it to booth options....Think we would need to control it tho.


  • Mike
    That's an interesting idea. Some venues may not like it and there definitely could be insurance implications. But I can definitely see how they would produce some fun photos.
  • adrian-fischer

    Agree with Mike.  Could be a slip hazzard, depending on floor but even if a carpeted area, the venue might not like you putting bubble mix all over it.  How could you control it?  Short of having a hand held one? And then do you ask each booth person if they want bubbles?  Or do you put a button in your booth so they can control it themselves, which then raises the problem of people flogging it to death which brings you back to issues with solution on the floor.  I can see how you might get some good photos out of it but for my money, to many things to be controlled.
  • Fotosonthego
    Unfortunately you're right, the liabilities outweigh the benefits...shame, it was so much fun...
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