Boas and venue complaints

Clients and their guests love boas.  But, I hate the mess they can create so I've always bought better quality boas which leave less mess and are easier to pick up behind. I always try to stay ahead of the feather debris that boas leave behind and pick it up as soon I see it.  Recently, I've had a couple event coordinators say they did not want boas in use in their facilities any longer.

Anyone else encounter this?



  • Mike
    I have heard of a couple in the area due to our competitor. Before we discontinued using boas we used to take a push sweeper with us to clean the remains up. I do not believe that our competition does the same.
  • goodtimestx
    We have been able to be a preferred vendor to a wedding facility due to the fact that another photo booth company refused pick up the feathers at the end of the night as they left.

    The facility owner asked me as we were setting up if I was going to pick up the mess from the boas and I replied sarcastically/jokingly  "Of course! Did you want me to make you clean it up"?  She said that another pb company told her they would not pick up the feathers because her staff was already cleaning up and it wasn't their job.  Who does that?!  (I once saw a reply on this forum that read - " I hate NOT picking up feathers and having to leave a mess behind")  Again, who does that?

    For as much money as we make you would think picking up feathers and leaving the place as you found it would be common sense.  It's not that hard.
  • Bootharazzi
    The people loved the boas, as I seen many a man in pink boa, and I would have a length of tape and just go like a human vacuum at it all night.  But in our area the trend is no boas.  We did a 8th grade grad and at the end of the night it was a

    boa war zone.
  • PapaT
    If we are outside, we usually don't use feather boas.  If we are inside and the area can be swept or vacuumed, then we will consider using boas.  However,  we always ask first.  We will attempt to pick up the mess as the night progresses, but you can't get all of feathers.  Sometimes we will have time constraints where the venue wants us out ASAP.  That leaves no time to chase feathers.  We tend to mostly use fluffy knit scarves that don't shed.

    Where do you buy quality boas?
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