Final payment

Guys just want to find out how you handle final payment. Do you collect it at the time of the event. I have always done this via credit card but my last 3 weddings have been a complete pain as I end up waiting around for someone to pay me so I can leave.


Clearly I would prefer to be paid prior to the event but not sure if people would balk at this. Please tell me your thoughts.



  • Bootharazzi
    Hey Tom,

    You're going to show up, you're going to make sure the guests have fun, you have to get paid.  I get an initial non-refundable deposit and final payment a month before the event.  If asked, I tell the client that's so we get the business done and just concentrate on the photo booth.  Years ago I have chased people for final payment and it's not really something I want to do.  If somebody balks, you may not want to deal with them anyway.  This is the business end and just be professional about it and the people should have no problem.  I hope this helps.
  • Chuckles
    Like @Bootharazzi, we require a $100 non-refundable deposit when the contract is signed, the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the event.   We let them pay off the balance in pieces or in full anytime between when the sign the contract and the payment due date.  We have gotten several compliments about that policy as it gives people a lot of flexibility.  Of course any booking made within 30 days of the event is due in full at time of booking.
  • laura-adaza
    We require $300 non refundable deposit. The rest of balance due 30 days before event date. We haven't gotten complaints about our policy.
  • Studio2go
    We get $150 refundable for 2 weeks 'hold the date' deposit after the date is confirmed its nonrefundable because it goes toward any props or photo-shop work that has to be done in advance.

    50% of the job total is due 30 days out, and final payment is due 2 weeks before the event.

    No muss no fuss. Like was mentioned, if they balk about it most likely they aren't the type of client you want to work with anyway.

    If we have to chase you for payment, im going to charge you extra!
  • davidlowie
    I require 50% up front with the final 50% due 2 weeks before the event. With short notice events I require 100% right away, and in some cases in cash.
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