Hiti Printer Paper Mismatch

At a Gig this weekend we went to change out the paper before dinner with the new supply we ordered from B&H.  Kept getting Paper Mismatch code, no matter what new roll we put in.  Got home and the next day put the part roll back in and it worked.   Found another part roll at home that was 2 years old and it worked.  Called B&H and they say it is not the paper contact Hiti.  Not getting the information I need.  Skow!!!!  So no matter what I do it will not take the new paper but will take the old.  I have updated Hiti Printer driver today and no luck.  Installed latest Windows updates.  no luck.  Thanks


  • Less2
    I know you probably did this all ready, but make sure the paper is pulled out the box enough. It happen to me a couple of times and I pulled some paper out and rolled it back up and left that little bit out. You have to play with it a little to get that sweet spot. Hope that made sense. Good luck
  • steve-zana
    Thank You Less2.  You are the first person in 4 days to treat me with a little intelligence.  Check that and no luck.  And it is not a problem at all when I put the old rolls back in.  Hiti Support keeps no help at all.  What I need now is someone close by with a Hiti 510 printer so I can take the paper to them and test it.  If it does not work in another printer then I think I have found my problem.  If it works in another printer I have also found my problem,
  • Less2
    No problem Steve. I love there printers but when they go down its a pain. By the way I'm in Philly if that's close to you. Good luck and when you figure it out post it here.
  • starzen
    dont have a hiti printer but a google shows this seems to be an issue that people are having. Did you change the paper only or both the ribbon and paper at the same time?

    Also after you received the error did you try to turn the printer off and back on?

    make sure both the ribbon and the paper are seated properly and using the proper spacers if required

    i am not certain but technically this is what the printer is doing

    1) check the ribbon cartridge
    this is done by looking at the chip on the cartridge. Not sure if the connection is by contacts. if so check to make sure they are clean etc.

    2) check the width of the paper. there is a sensor in the printer that reads the width probably from the roll width.

    if they dont match (5" vs 6") you get the mismatch error

    so the obvious is to make sure they do match which i am sure you have already. and then make sure that the ribbon sensors/chips dont have any issues

    another thing to do would be to try

    1) old ribbon - old paper

    2) old ribbon - new paper

    3) new ribbon - old paper

    4) new ribbon - new paper

    this might give you an idea which sensor/part causes the issue, the paper or the ribbon

    another thing would be to make sure the printers firmware is up to date



  • steve-zana
    <p style="text-align: left;">It was the Media.  B&H did at the end of the day replace my two cases and the new stuff works just fine.  Still out $700 that I had to give back to the client.  Very lucky that they were understanding.  Lesson I learned from this ....... test new Media as soon as it comes in and not at a gig.  Do not trust the it will always work.</p>
  • davidlowie
    I had something similar happen during event set up with a hiti  510L  and some recently purchased paper.


    I had to set up a wifi hotspot on my phone, and download the latest drivers and firmware and pretty much cross my fingers and hope for the best. That end up fixing it
  • davidlowie
    come to think of it, my printer actually warned me of what I needed to do in that situation.


    Another time I actually had the same problem you had, and my only fix was to go get another printer real quick before the event started. it's been a lifesaver more than once to have two printers.
  • Mystickal1
    I have unfortunately had this happen several times.  It has always been the ribbon.  The computer chip that keeps up with the print count is bad. B&H has always replaced them with no problem.  Now when I get new media, I open each ribbon and insert it in a printer to make sure it reads before going out on a job.
  • lightningphoto
    Hi Steve,

    I spoke with a rep at Foto Club and he said this is a Known issue that HITI has.  They said that's a fault that Hiti has that other photo printers don't.  I've experienced it myself and it's very frustrating on the job.   They recommended a different company's printer.
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