PicPic Social Classic or EC?

So I am planning on using PicPic Social with Darkroom booth because I really like the functionality.


but I am confused on pricing and software options. Can anyone help me out?

As far as I can tell there is PicPic Classic which is basically a one time $399 fee for the software or there is PicPic EC where you have to pay $100 a month for the same functionality of PicPic Classic? Is that correct?

Thank you in advance for your comments. Have a great night!




  • HAMA Photography
    HAMA Photography
    I have been using pipic classic for over a year and its a great program which they have done some great tweaks to recently.  You are right, its is a one off fee for the licence and then $99 per year for maintenance (upgrades etc).  I just read on their website that all the effort is now going to go towards picpic ec and it seems that the classic will no longer get any tweaks or upgrades.  Gotta say Im a little disappointed in that approach.   I have no need whatsoever for cloud storage or online delivery of images so to be forced to move across and pay a monthly fee erks me.  I know you dont have to, they do say that the classic will continue to work (and with the most recent work done to it, it does work well) but its effectively dead in the water.   There will be no more fixes as technology changes.  Like for instance will it need to be modified to run on Windows 10 (perhaps not but  you see what Im getting at).  I guess its time to take another look at the various offerings out there.
  • SeyeDotCo
    Hello HAMA,

    thanks for being a Picpic social user and I'm glad you have enjoyed the latest updates from the software.

    I think you may have misunderstood the blog post, or that we did not properly convey the correct message. Picpic social classic will continue to work as windows gets updated, and new versions of iOS come out etc. we are not abandoning our classic users whatsoever. Picpic social event cloud allows us to do more and give more powerful features to users who have been requesting them since we initially came out with the software. Picpic social ec opens us up to more possibilities.


    picpic social ec is there for those looking for better time management of their events, with the ability to setup their social media kiosks within an online dashboard. This is certainly not for everyone, and we understand that, that is why Picpic social classic is still available.

    Also, as you stated, Picpic social ec has built in photo hosting. All images will upload to your gallery with Picpic social ec and this allows you to deliver event photos to your client without you doing extra work.


    again, I want to reiterate that Picpic social classic will continue to function.

  • adrian-fischer
    Thanks for the clarification but will it continue to be developed in anyway? Enhancements, updates etc.
  • SeyeDotCo
    Yes. As a matter of fact, we just updated it last week to support Twitter hashtag printing and other improvements.
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