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Hi there,

I have just purchased an open style photo booth and will be using a green screen. I have viewed the forum for software reviews but am still a bit confused. I have narrowed it down to Breeze, Darkroom and social booth. just wondering what anyone using green screen uses and finds easiest to use.


  • DazzlingPhotoBooth
    I use Photoboof software. Like the many detailed tweaking I can do with it.

    It has green screen settings.  Any software you use you will need to play with it to get it right. Then take a screen shot and email it to yourself or dropbox as a backup.

    And, lighting is a big key in green screen. You really got to light the green screen evenly then have folks stand 3-5ft in front in my experience to prevent green hue on them And shadows!  I have 4 lights (2 on each side that are CFL). That light the green screen.  If I don't use the side lights...shadows shadows shadows. LED is more expensive but smaller but the ones I have don't compare to the CFL's.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • DazzlingPhotoBooth
    Playing around with lights. Every booth is different. I built mine to be durable.
  • Mike
    Lighting will be key. Most of the software on the market handles chroma key replacement well. Some have a little bet interface and more flexibility for tweaking.

    Ive vey been using breeze as of late for it and our own proprietary software when doing post processing effects. Still breeze in the regard.

    Mad long as you have good lighting though you'll be fine. Picks software that offers most of what you are looking to offer. There are many solid options these days.

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