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I'm from Metro Detroit and I'm looking into buying a photo booth.  I'm thinking this would be the perfect start-up for me because I wouldn't have to quit my job (right away) to start it.  I can't afford to buy a photo booth and not make the money back so I'm trying to do my homework so there are no surprises or  "oh darn, I didn't think of that".  I'm researching everything I can think of and am hoping you all can help me with the things I can't think of.

I'm not looking to get rich, although that would be nice, I'm just looking to replace my current income (if that's possible), the conveniences of being my own boss and enjoying what I do.   The department I'm currently working for is falling apart, I have 4 kids (one of which has just been diagnosed Bi-Polar).  I need the income but don't have 50+ hours a week to make it.  My sister runs a photo booth as a second job and she loves it.

Any input, pro, cons, advice you can give I'd appreciate it.




  • JoeConnell
    Hi Kelly,


    I am also in the Detroit Metro area and we have been doing photo booth for a while now. Do you currently have any hardware (computer/printer/cameras/etc) that are needed for a photo booth? That would be your biggest expense. I personally do not suggest you purchase a complete booth for thou$ands of dollar$ because you would be doing events just to pay off the costs.

    If you have and use Skype, you can contact me there and we can talk (no video needed) I would be happy to provide you advice on getting into the photo booth business. Note: I also do tech support for one of the major PB software companies... My Skype user name is ccuvideo send a contact request in Skype and we can connect.
  • MySelfiePhotobooth
    Definitely explore the market first! Find out what the competition is, look into market demand. Then look into the expenses of setting up, any licensing that is needed in your area. In Sarasota, to run a photo booth business you don't need a business license. Other states are different.


    Best of luck!


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