Photo Booth Frame for sale

For sale is my photo booth frame only

$2500 + shipping

This includes:

Aluminum Frame booth
Canvas duck cloth to cover booth
Monitor mount bracket
custom made projection screen

The frame is a large custom built aluminum frame that comes in 3 pieces so you will need a pickup or trailer to transport it.

The booth is 4 1/2 ft by 6 1/2 ft and 6 1/2 ft tall.    The booth is covered in a thick canvas duck cloth that gives it  a sleek look.  The canvas attaches to the frame via velcro .One of the sides has sheet metal that the monitor mounts onto and then the electronics setup outside the booth.  We also set a projection screen on top and set a projector on the roof to run a slide show of the photos

let me know if you have any other questions
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