I am getting frustrated with the new hiti ribbon caftridge.

Today is the first time I use the new hiti style cartridge (with ribbon and cartridge separated).

When my p510s told me that no ribbon in the printer, I refill the cartridge with a new ribbon and was expecting tu continue working, right? Wrong!

The red light was blinking, and it still said no ribbon. So I can't continue printing.

I have updated the firmware ofcourse.

Please help...




  • PicinaBox
    I'm having the same issue. Have you had any luck?
  • melissa-list
    Hi all,

    I had the same issue. I spoke to Hiti and was told that if you don't properly update your driver and firmware software before inserting the "new crap cartridge"  ummm it turns to ---CRAP--- The stinking microchip is smart enough to know the new driver and firmware was not installed and then becomes a one time use only cartridge. However, there is nothing in those instructions that pre-warns this will happen!!!! This is a real S%#T thing to do to the end user that is working a four hundred person wedding!  However, if you want to pay shipping they will gladly re-chip your cartridge and send it back to you..

  • Rtphotobooth

    I still have a box of the original media, can I/should I  down load the new firmware now and still be able to use the original media.?.

    I nervous about ordering new media, maybe time to get another printer.? or has anyone done this transition to the new media WITHOUT any challenges.?

    Thanks, Ginger


  • CTJB
    I would recommend to anyone having this issue to stop using HITI....  We have 6 booths and just dropped a small fortune or reinvestment into new printers.  We went with the DNP 620.  We did it because we are a business and cannot afford to have events get messed up because HITI wants to discontinue the media and cheap out on the production.  Our HITI printers only lasted a year and a half maybe two anyway before they broke down and needed to be replaced.

    How much is the piece of mind worth to you knowing you can get a better printer new that will be around for a while.

  • entertainer
    I own two of the 510l & found if I clean the sensors with rubbing alcohol it really helps
  • davidlowie
    I'm torn here..I have 3 hiti 510L printers and enough media to make it through maybe 4 more events. I'm toning down the business due to a new baby in the family but when I get back to full swing I'm scared to rely on this shaky media.

    Has anyone's experience with it improved?
  • overtimephotography@gmail.com
    Other than the headache of following the directions for the firmware upgrade, I've had no problems at all. I have 6 P510S printers and all are solid. One was purchased on ebay, the rest were new at the time. They're now all 3+ years old and used regularly.

    I asked my paper supplier if he thought I should be dumping the printers on ebay before all support disappeared. He told me he would let me know when he thought it was time but that he saw no issues for a few more years.

    The new cartridges are cheap, but I experimented with running the same one over and over to see what would happen. After 15 gigs, no probs!
  • Mystickal1
    I updated the firmware before using the new ribbons and haven't had an issue. I've probably been through 6 cases of 4x6 media and 3 cases of 5x7. If you don't like the new open cartridge, save a few of your old gray cartridges and reuse them. You can pop the open, pull out the used ribbon and insert the new ribbon. That way, you can have them pre-loaded and ready to go. That's what I do for my wife's printer so she can change paper and ribbon quicker on a job.
  • mightybooths
    We have 9 Hiti printers (2 x 510k, 6 x 510L and one 520L).  We were not happy when Hiti first changed the media for the 510 series (2 rolls of paper, 2 ribbons, 1 ribbon cartridge) but we have had no issue at all.  All we did was update the driver and firmware on all our photo booth machines.  We saved a lot of the ribbon cartridges and we pre-load the ribbons before we go to our events.  Lucky that we did that as have just received our new media delivery and now it is just 2 rolls of paper + 2 inks in the box (no more ribbon cartridge included).

    Overall, love our Hiti printers.  Have not let us down ever.
  • Madhatter
    Am I understanding correctly that I can use the ink carrier (sealed version) instead of the new open carrier as long as I have updated the software?
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