Enclosed booth in retail office

We're a small eyewear retailer in Virginia.  We're looking for a booth that's a bit different from the typical setup.

<li> Needs to be enclosed (curtains, yadda yadda)</li>
<li> No printer (I know)</li>
<li> Photos are posted to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (our site)</li>
<li> Option to tag themselves</li>
If you can handle it, we're all eyes and ears!


  • SomethinXtra
    Check out BlackLab photo booths. They will be able to help you with what you need.
  • erin-harre
    What part of VA?  We can handle this for you.  Please email me so we can see what the best fit would be.

  • bruceseymour
    We have something that might work, it is mainly for museums and institutions but it has been used in retail spaces and event venues.  It can easily run in a self serve mode and does green screen photos with ties to social media.  It provides lots of branding opportunities and collects email addresses.  It requires no camera, no computer, no printer, no attendant, no phone app and is much less expensive and headache than a photo booth.  The only thing required is a wall or booth that is chroma key green and adequate lighting.  Our site is http://goodeyemuseum.com  let me know if you want more information.

  • photogenica
    Open Air brand Photobooth and huge inventory for sale in Washington State.  I live half way between Seattle and Portland.  Will delivery within 200 (or so) miles of  our home or split shipping cost.  Photobooth includes computer, camera, printer, custom soft transport cases, lighting upgrades, and backup battery.  Extensive inventory of high quality props, prop table with linens, backdrop stand with custom white paint, seven high quality backdrops, 5x5 and 8x8 tents with ivory ruffle fabric walls/tie backs.  Tents are great for outdoor weddings or small indoor spaces and help add revenue to your business.  Optional high quality web and photos-sharing sites available with low monthly rental will make this a turn key operation.  Over $16,000 well maintained inventory for $9,950.   Happy to provide training and support to help you get started.  hollymacrae@hotmail.com
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