Hi from Yorkshire (UK)

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say hello from Yorkshire, we are a new Photo Booth start up trying to gain some traction in the Yorkshire area of England, we had an idea about 2 months ago to build a Photo Booth and see if we could rent it.  No bookings so far but the booth isn't built yet!  We have artists impressions on www.boothclick.co.uk - website still evolving! we are aiming for the party/corporate section as the booth is much larger - 1.5M wide x 2M long - it should fit lots more people in it to give them lots more fun!

We are working on the finer points of the booth still but it's all under way and we are excited to enter this space shortly!

So, hi from us, and am pretty pleased forums like this exist, you guys have a wealth of knowledge that will really move our business forward.

all the best



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