External (led) print counter

Hi There,

After being in the photo booth business for a few years I recently saw a photo booth company that integrated an external (led) counter in there photo booth. They can set a number of prints/sessions (let's say 400) and it counts down to zero counting down by one each session.

Does anyone has seen this before and/or does someone know how this could be integrated? Were using Canon 650/700d's and Darkroom Booth software.


  • SomethinXtra
    Would have to be a software plus hardware solution. May be a way to tap into the printer with electronics to do the count but that would limit the application to a specific printer. The photo booth application really needs to talk to external electronics to display and control the count.

    I could probably figure out a way to do it with a separate app that monitors the booth prints and controls a micro that takes care of the count. Not sure we could sell enough to offset the development costs as you are probably looking at a kit that would need to sell for couple hundred bucks.
  • HAMA Photography
    HAMA Photography
    possibly have a trip switch at the print exit slot that triggers every time a pint comes out that is wired to a digital counter.

    something like this:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC12V-4-Digital-Green-LED-Counter-Meter-Plus-Minus-Proximity-Switch-Sensor-NPN-/261473071224
  • jim-okeefe
    They likely used the phidget feature which uses hardware relays that are controlled by the app.   If tight, it's a clever use of this new feature.   All they would  need is a led display that decreases the count after each relay close.   I may do this as well.

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