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Hello everyone,

I just finished building my first photobooth and i downloaded different trial versions of the common software used to run the booth. My booth is not touchscreen, instead i have 2 USB buttons. With all my testing, i was unable to find a software that will allow me to use my USB buttons so guests can control the following: a) start the shooting and b) select B&W or color ... can anyone advice on a software that allows me to do that? thanks in advance


  • SomethinXtra
    Hi Cata,

    Not real sure you can do what you want with just two buttons. We sell a retrofit kit for older commercial booths with buttons that includes the software but they all use 4 buttons. Two arrow buttons that select the option(s), an OK button that applies the option plus a Cancel (or go back) button that is used in case the user makes a mistake.

    At this time we do not sell the software outside the retrofit kit mainly because we haven't seen the demand and it would be allot of work to prep it for general distribution. I don't try to keep up with all the available PB software, maybe one of the packages you have already tried would work if you added buttons.
  • Steve
    Hello Cata,


    Google this switch will allow you to use up to 4 buttons I think but at least 2 that you require, I use it on breeze software but I am sure it will progran to others.

  • CTJB
    stealth switch 3 is best way to go for buttons. we use breeze sys.  we recently updated our cpu to a windos 10 cpu and stealth switch3 did not seem to work.... but there is a work around if that hooking it up to a cpu with any other version of window u can set the actual hardware to setting u want... b&w and color for example then it is set and will work on windows10.

    easy to use and best option for buttons.

  • JoeConnell
    Sparkbooth can cover those requests...
    I love the stealth switch 3. They're in all my booths. You program the key command you need into it and the arcade button (or whatever you're using for a switch) triggers the command.
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