Recommendation for a photo booth for a toy store?

Hi all you experts!  We recently decided that a photo booth might be a great addition to our toy store.  We have a large robot in the store, and parents are always photographing their kids with the robot. The booth would bring more people in, and just give people an excuse to visit the store, even if they weren't buying toys.  The store is located in a down town location (not a mall) with perhaps 300 visitors a day on a average day.  What do you recommend?  We prefer an actual booth (we think) because kids like going inside things, not too big a "footprint", kid friendly and appealing to a toy store decor (fun looking), accepts cash and credit cards (self service), and (preferably) has option of the "traditional" 4 photo strip.  So many options out there, please throw us some names and recommendations if you have them.  Thanks!


  • CTJB
    There are many ways you could go with this, but i would think safety and durability would be the big factors.  Most booths are made to be portable and thus would probably not suit your needs.

    I would recommend looking into the ones you see at the malls or theaters.  The old school vending machine types, then just set it to run at no charge if you want.  Those are more expensive, but are sturdy and safe.

    The other way may be to just set up an open style photo booth in-front of your robot.  I would just work to get it secured to the floor really well or just make sure it is stable.

    Throwing caution to the wind, just set a camera on a tripod and run the software through a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or 4.  you could even forget about prints and set it up to email the guest or let them post via twitter or FB.   Breeze Systems is the program we like to use but another one to consider would be Social Booth.

    Either way, I really recommend using the social media, text or email, you can get your logo out there on every print and collect data.

    I would definitely recommend using the robot as the backdrop if possible, since your guests clearly like taking photos of it anyway.

  • mugshots
    I'll give a disclaimer here, that I'm not a fan of their business model, but you should look into Kingdom Photo Booths. They make open or enclosed photo booths and provide tech support and software upgrades for as long as you're buying the print media from them. Their print media is expensive because of that, but at least you have the assurance that it will work for a long time. They have credit card and bill acceptor options on all their booths, even the open style, and you can make them fun looking with a custom graphic wrap straight from the factory.
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