Ciaat Brava Printer Problems

I need help I have used my booth for about 5 events with no problems.  On my last event the printer wouldn't print and they error that I found is saying ribbon problems.  I replaced with 4 different ribbons and it still wont work, I have an event Saturday I'm desperate


  • Dre3000
    Hi Stacy, how are you making out with your printer issue? if you are in the western ny area I'm willing to help you with your event!
  • weddingtech_entertainment
    edited January 2020
    We've been having the same problem with our HITI. It all happened when they changed the ribbon cartridge casing. Is it just two spools of ink with a black cartridge included in the box but not attached your using? If so, our solution was to use the original gray casing. I'm seeing his problem EVERYWHERE with the HITI, I know yours is different but it's worth a shot. There's not too helpful info out there in time of crisis, speaking from a hellish persona experience. Hope this helps at all!!!!

    Roya - WeddingTech Entertainment
  • PB&J
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    I realize it's about 3 years too late for the first two posters, but maybe this will help others with the same issue.

    I had the same issue at a couple events, and changed ribbons several times, and had to refund my fee.

    A year later found out why.  The Brava is very sensitive to power fluctuations, particularly brown outs.  I bought a UPS to provide steady power, and never had that happen again.
  • PB&J
    BTW, the Brava has been discontinued. 
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