Hi from France

Hi Community,

I am a Videographer who do a little bit of Photography as a freelance in France. Employees often asked me in the past if i could make a photobooth animation, but i was afraid of investing money and spreading out into another direction (frenchs don't like multitask people, we trust in speciality...).

As i was reading some posts and comments on PBO, beginners experience and questions asked and responded i decided to throw in and i am very happy of the descision.

Part of it as also to do with the Community mentality, I asked an acquaintance of me who is in the PB business some advices and he didn't respond me, saying that " we will soon be in competition !"... i was quite shoked as we live 400 km from each other so there is no way i could get any customer from him. So when i saw how the people are helping each other here i choose to go.

I choose m hardware regarding to what i read here, an ALL in one ASSUS 23 inch touchscreen pc (unfortunatly way too reflective..), a common non TTL old Strobe, a DS-RX1 printer and a T4i camera with DSLR Remote pro.

Thanks for helping me throwing myself into PB !

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