Hello from Essex UK

Hi There

Just another new addition to this forum

Hopefully i will be able to share and receive useful information to help our photobooth business.

My name is Dan and my wifes name is Georgina, and we are working on this business in partnership.

Wishing you all the best in your own businesses


  • MikeBender
    Welcome to the PBO Dan and Georgina! We are glad to have you and look forward to learning about you and your business.

    When did you start your photo booth business?
  • danieldavis1992
    Hi Mike

    As funny as it sounds, we started the business Saturday, as part of an Event Hire and Photobooth business. We have been discussing it for many months, and i deal with video and photo work in my day work, so an ideal fit for us both. She loves the intricate wedding details and sweets tables, centrepieces, decorations, love letters etc, and im dealing with the photobooth element. Thank you for welcoming us, im looking forward to learning new tips and ideas to better our booth. How long have you been in the business?
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