Hello from Denver, CO

Hey there! I'm David, from Denver. I'm starting a totally unique photo booth concept that I've never seen before that will totally revolutionize the photo booth industry. I'm creating a way for brands to connect with consumers at festivals, weddings, corporate events, etc...

It's called From Above Photo Booth, where instead of a basic booth setup with a backdrop, and the camera being in front of the subjects, the camera is above the subjects instead. And instead of a backdrop, it's a drum kit, a percussion set-up, a keyboard set-up, or any other custom branded floor. It's the only 'booth' that allows everyone to BE the rockstar.

Ultimately, it's the tangible aspect of my photo series I've been curating over the last year, and will continue to curate over the next 10 years.

Would love for you guys to checkout my site! www.FromAbovePhotoBooth.com (Placeholder image is my original 3D design. Have my first festival appearance with the booth on Friday!


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