GIF only booth with Breeze

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Hi everyone, 

I'm currently thinking about a GIF only booth and did some first tests with Breeze (I tried DSLR and webcam). But I'm not really getting into the GIF feature of Breeze. This is the flow I'd like to have: 

1. Live-Preview
2. Tap to Start
3. Take 4 single pictures in a row
4. See the 4 pictures in an animated gif on the screen
5. Share the gif via SMS / Mail / Facebook / print (4 pictures in a layout).

Unfortunately I couldn't manage to set Breeze to this flow. All it does is saving the pictures in a folder on the hard drive but they won't appear on the screen. 

Do you have any experience with gif + breeze? 



  • TheButhMN
    I am also looking into this option for Breeze (but still haven't figured out if it's possible). Based on looking at the help manual, it seems like the only way to show the animation with Breeze is by setting up a slideshow monitor.
  • TheButhMN
    also, as an FYI, I don't know how willing you are to try different software, but I know Social Booth gives you the ability to do this.
  • CTJB
    just send the pics to breeze kiosk.... would require a tablet or 2 in 1, but that is how breeze is set up now.  hopefully the next update will allow that; but \i have had such a mediocre experience with social booth by photo booth solutions, \i woud rather do this than rely on their software.  breeze is stable and works 100% of the time and the kiosk software is way better than photo booth connected too when it comes to reliability
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