what do you consider as props?

I am just curious what "props" means to different photo booth owners.  I feel like there can be a vast difference in what we bring vs. other companies and just want to see if we are on base, if we are doing too much, or too little. 

Clients seem to just ask if you include props, and never ask what that means.

We bring about 65 props, includes:
-15-18 hats, 20 sunglasses,
-5-9mustaches on a stick,
-2 chalkboards,
-4-5 headbands, and
-a variety of hand props like drumsticks microphones, toy lollipops and the like about another 10 or so total.

We used to do boas, but they cannot be cleaned and are just too messy, a lot of venues do not even allow boas anymore, but guests seem to always ask for them.  Thought about adding scarfs that can be cleaned, but never got around to it.

I have seen some companies locally that just throw 4-5 hats 4-5 sunglasses and those paper props on a stick.

So Am I just curious what others think and what other photo booth owners are doing prop wise.

hope to hear from you.


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