Darkroom DLSR DNP RX1 Poor Print Quality

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Hi Guys!

Recently we got more and more requests for very light color and delicate details on design of the photo layout. Problem is, the print result could not mirror the digital result! Here is a sample.

The background on the print was totally white and you could see there that the photo shots and the wording seemed reddish.

Checked the DPI, it was set on 300 already. With 300 DPI, no adjustments should be needed, right?
I lowered the red by -20 and it seemed to resolve the redness. But I could not find the problem why the printer could not capture the pink background color. 

Really appreciate any help and suggestions. Thank you!



  • Mike
    Hello, DPI (dots per inch) has nothing to do with color calibration. Please make sure to go get the latest color profile for your printer from DNP's website. That should help you with this issue.
  • mega
    Mike, thank you so much for the advise! Will make sure to do that :)
  • mega

    So I got the latest ICM (color) profile for RX1 & RX1HS from DNP and applied the color setting on my Windows and Darkroom. The printing results was blotchy pink for the background for either printing from Windows or Darkroom. Problem not solved.

    DNP told me to ask Darkroom since it might be the result of using 3rd party software. After go back and forth with Darkroom supports, I finally emailed them the original digital image for them to test, their conclusion is that unfortunately, this looks like it may just be a limitation of the printer. They tested on a RX-1 and the pink background was too close to white and was clipped and printed as white. The same happened to his pink shirt.

    Besides coloration, we also have problems with small/delicate details on the design. The details were noticeably missing if printed from Darkroom but were there if printed from Windows.

    Guess we need to keep the design colors on the bold side from now on, and keep the details simple :(

    Any suggestions?
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