Photo booth Shell


Why are all the photo booth shells so expensive?  I'm trying to find a photo booth shell for a Microsoft Surface pro 3 under $1000.  All the ones I have seen are crappy designs without any thought in actually using them.  They are either top heavy, small base, No modeling light strip inside, No height adjustment, poor design for cables and power source.   Somebody help!


    edited November 2017
    I have a photo booth shell that I am selling, along with the printer that fits.   It's white with an external monitor for viewing  and a touch screen monitor inside.   Call me if you are interested  #248-379-2145
    with lights, small two piece set up.. paid 2400 for it, and will take any offers... used it only about 8 times.   I have two other booths, and found out that it's too hard to run 3 in one day!!   Perfect condition. scratch resistant and light weight.   A Great shell!!! 
  • Snappea
    Marty, I wish I would have seen it sooner but bite the bullet on the T11 2.5 model, DNP RX1HS printer and Microsoft Surface Pro 3. 
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