Sinfonia CS2 FOR SALE in San Diego, CA (print count: 773)


Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 $450 OBO (print count: 773)

Started my own event photography business as a side income maker but never really got it off the ground. Only used this for maybe less than 5 events and this sat on my computer table ever since. 

(Info from the imaging spectrum website)

The Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 (model no. CHC-S6145) is the world's smallest and lightest photo printer, while still maintaining excellent print quality, durability, and fast print speed!

The Shinko Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 printer will produce a 4x6 print in under 11 seconds.

Model No. CHC-S6145

Print Method Dye Sublimation Thermal Transfer

Resolution 300dpi

Paper Size Capacity

300 prints : 4" x 6"

170 prints : 5" x 7"

150 prints : 6" x 8"

Multiple print 6" x 4" x 2 with 6" x 8", 2"x6" x 2 with 4" x 6"

Prints a 4" x 6" in 11 seconds or less Read Less


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