Mini Photo Booth - SHELL ONLY - White Good Condition

edited January 2018 in Market Place

I purchased this Mini Photo Booth from at last years Photo Booth expo in Las Vegas. It was one of the floor models at the show. I used it for about 6 months and ended up getting a different booth for my wife to use that swivels for Children events.

This is an Open-style mini photo booth that weighs 35 pounds! Internal set of LED’s include a remote control and can be set to a variety of colors. The booth breaks apart into three pieces – the base and the booth itself, which splits in half. Each piece of the booth is only 11x8x30 making it extremely easy to move around. There is a locking door in the back where all the components can be securely stored.

I custom notched out for an Alien Bees Ring Flash 800 to fit into the inside of the booth so the flash is enclosed in the booth.(Alien Bees ABR800 Ring Flash not included) As before it was just a ring light and I made the Alien Bees work as guest would always move if there wasn't a flash.

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