Advice for buying a Mirror Me Photo Booth

Elite Photobooth
Elite Photobooth
I currently have 2 photo booths (Vanity Entourage) and am looking at adding a 3rd booth.  I really like the look and the functionality of the Mirror Me Photo Booth from fotomaster. I'm trying to weigh my options as far as my choice of photo booth. If you have a Mirror Me Photo Booth, please reply! I have quite a few questions, so please bare with me.

I have read comments in this forum that the Mirror Me booth is "bulky".  My main question here is, how bulky?  Like I said, I have 2 Vanities which are a tad heavy and bulky, but I don't want to buy something that I am unable to transport by myself. I would really like to find a booth that can be transported by one person. 
-Can one person transport and set up the Mirror Me Booth easily and quickly?
-Are you able to pull/push it through a standard door frame (or do you need double doors)?
-Do you have to turn it sideways to fit through a standard door frame?
-Would it easily fit in the back of a mini van, (ALL seats removed except for drivers and front passenger)?
-Can the majority of the venues you visit accommodate the Mirror Me Booth's dimensions?

In regards to the software,
-How reliable would you say it is?
-Are there any problems that cause the booth to glitch and shut down?  Even once?
The 2 booths I have now have several glitches that cause the system to need a restart. So to the above question, please answer honestly as that is very important to me.
-How is the Tech support? Are they easy to get a hold of?

The booths I have now, have curtains that attach to the booth itself.  This is what I am used to, I don't know anything else.  I know the Mirror Me booth does not have curtains, which I actually like because the current curtain system I use now is fragile. I see in some of the videos on the Mirror Me website that most of the time they don't even have a backdrop when using the booth. Does this produce good pictures? How easy is it to set up a standing white backdrop with the booth? Are these backdrops sturdy or do they end up getting beaten up during transport and use? Would it need to be replaced every so often?

-Can the Mirror Me booth print 2x6" prints?  Once a photo is taken with the Mirror Me booth, how much of the person is in the photo?  Does it take a picture of their entire body?  I would think that would look weird in the prints, especially 2x6" prints (which are by far my customers favorite prints - 2 x 2x6", in fact, I don't even offer 4x6" prints anymore)

How sturdy is the booth? Has it held up well after lots of events and moving it from place to place? If something breaks, how helpful is the tech support and how easy is the process of fixing the problem?

If you have a Mirror Me Photo booth, would you buy another one?  Would you recommend this booth?
What advice would you give to someone wanting to purchase a Mirror Me booth?  What would you do different with the booth, if anything?

Thank you so so so much for taking the time answering my questions!


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