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Hello all,

 I need some advice, I have an event soon, and are client strictly wants an open air booth since she wants to provide her own backdrop, however we have MAJOR light issues, I've seen some photo booths use umbrellas or soft boxes, by any chance do any of you guys know where to get good ones? not sure how many watts I would need.
I use darkroom booth, the issue is during the live view guest are super dark, however prints do come out clear due to the flash connected to my canon t5i

Thank you

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  • goodtimestx
    We had the same issue.  Simple fix for us--  in Darkroom Booth once you hit the "Settings" tab there should be another tab/dropdown box to the right that will list "Main/Controls/Screens/etc"  Go down to "Liveview" and click the checkbox that says "Use liveview if supported by camera"  Hope this works
  • markzilla25
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    I have the same problem and resorted to bringing an extra light on a tripod, heck I don't even have an umbrella on it(no room in the booth for it anyway).  I just have it in the corner.  Nothing fancy, just bright enough to give some extra light that doesn't interfere with the flash.  this was for a wedding that I had to set up outside because where they wanted me inside wasn't big enough to accommodate the booth.
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