T11 vs T12 booth and Ringflash vs Strobe with Umbrella? Need advice ASAP please!

Hi community!

I'm ready to upgrade my old Mojo photo booth.

I'm looking at the booth shells from ATA and Mediaphotobooth.
Stuck between the T11 and T12 versions.



The T11 is smaller (one case) and I'd need to add a strobe/mono light & umbrella.
Strobe/umbrella seems like better/wider light coverage and softer but my concern is if the modeling light bouncing off the umbrella will be bright enough for the camera to auto focus.  (There is no other light source on the front of the T11)

The T12 is bigger (needs 2 carry cases) and would work with a ABR800 RINGFLASH which provides good constant light...but my concern is that the light may be too "hard" and also not be wide enough for groups over 5-6 people.

I'm leaning to the T12 because setting up the strobe & umbrella is an extra step.

Does anyone here use a booth with the ABR800 Ringflash?

Basically, any feedback or advice you can give regarding experience with the T11 (Strobe/Umbrella) light source and the T12 (Ringflash) light source would be super helpful.

I need to purchase ASAP as I have a wedding in march.

Thanks in advance for your time and help!

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