T11 vs T12 booth and Ringflash vs Strobe with Umbrella? Need advice ASAP please!

Hi community!

I'm ready to upgrade my old Mojo photo booth.

I'm looking at the booth shells from ATA and Mediaphotobooth.
Stuck between the T11 and T12 versions.



The T11 is smaller (one case) and I'd need to add a strobe/mono light & umbrella.
Strobe/umbrella seems like better/wider light coverage and softer but my concern is if the modeling light bouncing off the umbrella will be bright enough for the camera to auto focus.  (There is no other light source on the front of the T11)

The T12 is bigger (needs 2 carry cases) and would work with a ABR800 RINGFLASH which provides good constant light...but my concern is that the light may be too "hard" and also not be wide enough for groups over 5-6 people.

I'm leaning to the T12 because setting up the strobe & umbrella is an extra step.

Does anyone here use a booth with the ABR800 Ringflash?

Basically, any feedback or advice you can give regarding experience with the T11 (Strobe/Umbrella) light source and the T12 (Ringflash) light source would be super helpful.

I need to purchase ASAP as I have a wedding in march.

Thanks in advance for your time and help!


  • hilphoto
    edited March 2018
    I use the flash facing forward and use "spun glass" diffusing material in front of the flash to soften the light with great results.  Not to mention that the modeling light is also facing forward.  Doing this since day one, years ago.  No umbrella for people to poke their eye out this, etc.
  • Snappea
    Getflashy1,  I'm in the same boat but researched it pretty good.  I sold my Mojo booth yesterday and looking to add another booth.  I have the T11 2.5 and really love and not issues at all.  So, when the flashy T12 came out it caught my eye but saw things i didn't like.  First, a lot bigger and bulker than the T11.  The Alienbees stroke will set you back $500 just for that.  I use Microsoft surface pro 3 and they would perfect for the T11.  So, other than flashy led strips there isn't a reason to pay a lot more for the T12.  It's a shell and nothing more!  So, is it worth the investment probably not unless you want the latest and greatest.  So, for me I'm buy another T11 2.5 from RBA photo booth.  You can find him selling on Ebay and Etsy at a good price.  Just be sure to get the printer stand attachment as it worth it and gives a cleaner look. I see all the new photo booths at PBX and really nothing new that my wallet can't do without.  Keep it simple and make your money!
  • ShutterStreetPhoto
    I own a T12 and like it overall, but it does have some down sides.

    I chose the T12 because it is all self-contained and does not require me to carry a strobe separately.  I liked the idea of the simpler setup.  I think that it has a professional look and agree that the less moving parts, the better.

    I have found some downsides after using it for a while.  Mainly, I don't like the photos nearly as much as my homemade booth with a strobe/umbrella mounted on top (similar to T11).  I find that having the ring light pointed directly at the subject causes a greater variation in exposure between shots as they step closer and further away.  With the umbrella setup, the greater distance that the light is traveling from the source to the subject results in less variation in exposure if they move.  I have also noticed some red-eye on the T12 and the lighting can be a little harsh at times.  Another thing that I didn't consider when buying the T12 is the backup plan.  I now have to carry a separate light stand, strobe, umbrella, and sync cord in case the ring light dies.  With my other setup, I just brought along a second smaller strobe.

    The other issue that I am having is related to the monitor on the back of the T12.  Because it is mounted vertically, the look angle is horrible to the point where you can barely make out the photos when standing on one side of the booth.  I have not researched alternative LCDs yet, but the recommended USB-powered monitor is not that great.  

    Overall, the T12 is nice and shows well, but these things sort of make me wish that I had purchased something else.  After the fact, I think that something with an external strobe or an internal monolight and bounce card on top would have been a better choice.
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