Running a printer off of a battery generator?

Hey all. I have a photobooth that is mounted on an adult tricycle that I bike around. Because it has to be portable, I've just been using a Selphy printer and then hand slicing the 4x6 into two strips. Works fine but isn't the best as it's a bit of a slow turnaround. Been starting to get inquiries for events and I know that the Selphy isn't the printer to use for those so I've been looking at dyesubs that can print and cut 2x6 strips that I'd just plug in at events.

But I thought it would be great if I could plug the dyesub into a battery generator and use that. (keeping the selphy on hand as a backup) Has anyone had any experience using a battery generator instead of a gas generator for their setups? I'm guessing that getting a low power printer will be a big help too.


  • indy99
    The DNP DS40  uses about 6 amps approximately equal to 720 watts.  This could prove to be a problem with the power capacity of the battery generator.  They will power the printer, the question is how long?   Why not go to a small generator?  For under 200.00 you can get a quiet 10 amp/1200 watt that will easily power the printer plus a few lights.

    Are you really making any money on the bicycle deal?  The money is in weddings and events.  I would invest in that versus a hit or miss on the road.  I have tried several cash events like festivals, car shows, flea  markets, and the such.  Not enough cash to justify putting any more time or effort into that. 

    Follow the money kid.... it's in weddings and bigger events where people come up to you with a nice check or even a lot of cash sometimes.

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