Looking to buy quality props

Not looking for the flimsy thin cardboard props on a stick that falls apart after 1 gig. Would love these props to last around 10 gigs. Thanks!


  • CTJB
    Frget props on a stick (except mustaches).... hats, glasses, headbands...  wash hats on gentle after events air dry or genlte dry cycle.   and have found elope brand hats will generally hold up dor 5 to 6 years if taken care of.  Novelty glasses will break but if you buy in bulk (25 at a time) cost goes dow and breakage is not a bif deal.  We lose 1 or two glasses every third event or so....unles its a kids event and expect a little more damage and loss.

    Try buycostumes.com or party city for hats.  Just keep them washed.

    Hoe it helps
  • PB&J
    I got discouraged looking for affordable, quality  props online when first staring out.  Seem there were three kinds:
    1. Printable props.  (Look like DIY instead of professional, and lucky to survive one whole event.
    2. The flimsy ones you mentioned.  (Look like Dollar General party favors.  Might make it through two events.)
    3. OMG expensive props.  (Look fine, last for several events, but OMG expensive.)
    Took awhile to realize that sturdy, inexpensive props are readily available.  They just aren't called props.   Why buy fake, overpriced  goofy sunglasses, hats, pirate accessories when real ones are available at yard sales, Goodwill, the toy department at Target, or just about any department at Lowes or Hobby Lobby.  There are online sign stores that have sturdy plastic OSHA and other caution signs. You can even customize them like a standard looking caution sign that says "Warning: Too Hot to Handle".  

    Next weekend, for example, I'm doing a breast cancer awareness event.  Since everything is pink this month, it's not hard to supplement my existing props with pink themed ones that don't look cheap (except at the checkout counter).

    Hope this gives you some ideas.

  • PB&J
    edited October 2019
    Well, still buying cheap durable props that aren't props.  The four most popular props since my last post are a nice lampshade from Goodwill, an inflatable peacock pool floaty from Target, and a toilet plunger, and a lightweight plastic toilet seat from Walmart. 

    Not really related, but I no longer use any weapons.  Even though they are foam or plastic, with all the violence today, I dont feel good having them.  The one exception I'd make is one of those pistols that have the red "bang" flag.  I've searched online with no results, so if anyone knows where I can find one please let me know.
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