bad review due to the weather
Dealing with a bad review. I am so aggrevated.. I had an event last Saturday for a grad party. My contract is very detailed in regards outdoor events. "Must be on a flat service, no grass. Must be covered from the elements, sun, heat, rain etc" They have to initial that section to ensure they understand. I called the day before and spoke with the husband stating that since the tempeture will be 97 degrees, I would not be able to set up outdoors under a tent and explained that my sub dye printer, computer, camera has thermal temp detection and will shut done or worse damage my equipment. He undestood. I arrived before the start time to set up in the garage. (wife was not home) Just as I finished and getting ready to leave, (My attendant was going to run the event) she gets home and was upset that the booth wasn't in the backyard patio. (apparently the husband failed to tell her) I explained the reasons why and she walked away. The next day, I received a 1 star review saying "Don't waste you Money, blah blah blah, and The booth wasn't set up were she wanted so her guests didn't use it as much" it went on and on. Some people just don't care about equipment that is expensive. AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!! Just venting!!! How do you deal with bad reviews because of elements or something that is out of your control. would love to hear your stories
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