Places to buy curtains

I would like to get a resource thread going here of quality places to purchase curtains, fabric and sewing services. Here are a few I know of.


  • alice
    <p>I wanted to share my new curtain solution! I'm using curtain rods - the old style, cheap, white curtain rods we all had as kids. I cut off the ends (at the curve), hammer it good and flat, drill a hole 1/2 inch from the end and set the hole into a screw mounted permanently into the top of each of the four corners of the 5x5 pop-up canopy. (No ceiling). Black duck tape the ends so they don't catch the fabric and don't show bright white anywhere. The curtains hang down beautifully. I buy 84" rod pocket curtains for about $15 a piece at JC Penney or Lowes in a great variety of colors. I use 10 pieces all around (I like the fullness and they're very easy to hang). Not too expensive, plentiful and I don't have to sew them.</p><p>In awkward places, I use 5" bungee cords. Thread them through the pockets and hook them to the canopy. There's another method for the backdrop. If anyone wants, I'll take/post photos.</p><p>Also, my son turned me on to using the black "paper clips" as "fabric clips". They have been real lifesaver!</p>
  • Unknown
    Got all mine <a href="">here.</a>
    <a href=""></a>

    I would order from them again too
  • Unknown
    I have a Photobooth from FrameXpert and i was wonder if anyone use them before and how do you get curtains to go on them...
  • Unknown
    I have a family friend and professional seemstress who has made me beautiful curtains that are able to snap on and off easily to my usual black curtain. If anyone is interested I will let her know. I will also get prices.
  • Unknown
    @Tony, same here..please let us know the price.
  • Unknown
    <P> </P>

    <BLOCKQUOTE>@Tony, same here..please let us know the price.</BLOCKQUOTE><BR>Give me dimensions and any other info that mightneed and i will let you know!
  • kashphoto
    <p>Hi everyone! Im new to this so please have patience with me. Where do you buy the pop up canopy from, sears, walmart etc... or is there a special place to purchase from? Also, I know some pop ups have side walls that are attached with velcro. Have you guys ever used velcro to attach your curtains? And roughly, how many people can fit in a 5x5? Thanks for the help!</p>
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