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I was just curious what people have found to be the most successful form of advertising or marketing their services? I'm new to the industry & am not sure where I should invest my resources for marketing. I know that this is mostly a word-of-mouth industry, but until I get myself on the radar, where have you found the most leads/success? Print is so expensive, and I don't know a lot about digital advertising. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!


  • Mike
    <div>I do not do much marketing as I have a set number of events I will do each year. Most of my clients come to me via my website which is positioned rather well for our area in Google.</div><div>
    </div>I have also had great success with the 2 largest bridal shows in our area. And of course word of mouth doesn't hurt either and is why I focus on the value add after an event.
  • hippielo28
    Thats awesome. Can I ask what you did in the beginning before you had a steady clientele & before you had a reputation that carried by word-of-mouth?
  • BrianS
    <P>Good question! I have a good Google presence, Facebook and Twitter, as well as Linkden. We are on Google places and Google + and have ads on Mywedding, as well as others for three weeks now.</P>

    <P>Our phone has rang exactly once. I quickly booked that event!</P>

    <P>Starting to knock on doors of event planners and corporate peeps next week.</P>

    <P>Our advertising budget got nailed by a pretty significant emergency and we are having to shoe-string it now...and we are starting to sweat!</P>
  • funfotostudioz
    Google AdWords was probably the best value for the number of calls we got from the money we spent. Although, I ended the campaign after only 3 months, it's good to know that I was only paying for actual clicks to our website and not just a listing that gets buried under all the other listings that paid for the upgraded package. We averaged about $1.50 per click with AdWords. Also, I think a blog that is updated frequently and uses good SEO is a wise investment. Try doing searches for photo booths in your area and see what comes up. If you comb through highly ranked websites, you'll probably notice keywords, links, and captions that let Google know how relevant the site is to the search.
  • hippielo28
    I was told that networking with venues, wedding coordinators is the way to go when you are first starting out. Speaking of initial marketing budgets, how much did you designate for marketing & advertising. I'm not going to lie, I definitely under-estimated my marketing costs. I'm hoping that I can get some feedback that will help me decide where I can get the best value for my money.
  • buzzkcphoto
    We've been averaging about $50 per month for adwords (2-3 clicks per day) and it's payed for itself. I really need to spend more time looking at the metrics to see if there is a better way to see what is working and make some adjustments. I did start tying the different ads to specific unpublished pages and tracking them through analytics.
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