Calculating your profits and determining your pricing goals

I put together a spreadsheet a while back to play around with calculating profits. It can be a real eye-opener as to how you are really doing or what you need to be doing as far as number of events and what you are charging. It gave me a way to see how charging less was affecting the business.

It's just a basic spreadsheet, still need to take into account all the little things that add up too, but I put several of the big ones in there though. Feel free to change it as you need to. All of the Orange fields are the ones you can edit (spreadsheet is not locked), such as tax percentages, and your overhead may vary so those

can be updated. The rest are formula fields and shouldn't be changed unless you know what you're doing.

I've shared it on Google Docs here:

You'll need click File>>Download or if you've got a Google account you may be able to Export it to a copy as a Google Spreadsheet (File>>Export to Google Spreadsheet) and work in it directly from Google docs.



  • Mike
    Great topic Darren! I personally have been using quickbooks since the beginning. It is very important as a business owner to know your costs and ultimately your cash flow.

    Thanks for the share.
  • buzzkcphoto
    No Problem. I've got quick books as well, but still learning it...need to pickup a dummies book.

    The spreadsheet was a quick way that I knew to get an overview...thought others might benefit. Just keep in mind it's just one way to break things down and there are other ways to slice the pie.

    Mike is right it's an important thing to learn and everyone's business and market is a little different.

    Let me know if you have any question or problems, will do my best to help.
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