Do you print additional copies upon request?

I'm relatively new to the scene but I've run into this situation a few times. We have an open air style "booth" and print a single 4x6 copy of each frame onsite. Recently we did an event where we had a lot of people wanting duplicates of the prints. "ooh can you print me another one of this?"<div>
</div><div>In most cases I will do it for them, but sometimes we have people coming through the booth at such a rapid rate that the guests end up waiting a minute or two for their photos (each takes about 30 seconds for processing/printing). I don't like the idea of delaying other guests because some want additional copies.</div><div>
</div><div>Any of you run into this? and how do you typically handle it? I've thought about some signage indicating that we'll print one copy of each photo, etc. I suspect that getting my system more automated would help too.</div>


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