UP-DR200 Weird Problem

I'm testing all of my print strips for upcoming events this evening. I have about 200 prints left on the ribbon, and when printing, it seems to go through the process normally, but it 'hesitates' in between the 'rip' cut for 2x6. (The first 2x6 will extend out and sit there for a few seconds, the ribbon sounds like it advances a couple times, then it finally cuts it). I did three more reprints in a row, with the delay getting longer each time. Finally, I got an error 'UNRECOGNIZED - RELOAD RIBBON'. I reloaded the ribbon about 5 times, kept getting 'check ribbon' message. So, I loaded a fresh ribbon with 700 prints to go. Prints fine with no delay on the 2x6 rip cut. Put the old 200 count ribbon back in, it recognized it this time, but it's back to that 'delay' problem I mention above. Put the new ribbon back in, it's fine now.<div>
</div><div>So, perhaps I have a bad ribbon? Wondering if any of you out there have seen this before? This unit has about 5000 print count. The print kit is fairly new stock, 2011. I used up the last of my 2009 media kits without issue. </div><div>


  • Mike
    I have not seen this exactly. I have experienced very slow behavior from my DR200 when cutting strips though. Mine ended up being a failing USB cable both times. This does not sound like the issue you are experiencing.<div>
    </div><div>I wonder based on the symptoms you list if this isn't a stretched ribbon or as you state simply a bad one. I personally would not trust it for an event and would simply pitch the ribbon and media.</div>
  • skyhawk
    OK, revisiting this topic.. It seems like the latest batch of 2UPC-R204 media is 'different' somehow than the 2008/2009 stock I've been finishing up. I have 5 boxes of media that were manufactured in mid 2011, I believe that's when another company took it over after the Japan earthquake. <div>
    </div><div>Anyhow, I have a strange sensation that the printer sounds more 'labored' when churning out the prints, and it probably takes another full second or two to print. When it's cycling though C, M, Y, Lami, each step seems to take slightly longer. I'm convinced of it because I've stood next to this printer for thousands of prints.</div><div>
    </div><div>I didn't think much of it, perhaps thinking that my printer is just getting tired. (Even though it's at about 5k prints, same as my other booth in custody of my employee) Helping my employee set up 'her' booth last weekend. I gave her some of the new print stock, and listened to a couple of test prints on a 'old' ribbon that's almost finished up. It runs faster, and sounded more 'normal' to me, until I put in the new print kit.</div><div>
    </div><div>So, this 'slower' sensation on the printer seems to follow the recent print kits. And of course, I had a problem with the other ribbon from the start of this thread, that I'll just throw out...</div>
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